Automotive Careers in Parts and Warehousing

There’s much more to being in parts and warehousing than just shuffling things around in a giant, non-descript warehouse. While a career as an auto mechanic or perhaps car sales training might always sound more exciting, there’s an entire side to parts and warehousing that you probably weren’t aware of. As a parts specialist, you’ll have an intricate knowledge of thousands of parts, why they’re important, what makes them tick and what to do when they bite the dust. Don’t feel like knowing the ins and outs of a muffler or an exhaust pipe on a Buick? Well luckily, even if cars aren’t your thing, a career as a parts specialist can take you anywhere from up in the sky to below the sea. It’s truly one of the most varied and rewarding auto careers.

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These days, we have more vehicles under the sea than ever – trawling the ocean floor for secrets, survivors and sea creatures. Having an intimate knowledge of parts for marine vessels means that you could be down there too, or maybe just fixing things when they go awry and giving advice from a safe distance away from a giant squid. Submarines and ships need parts just like cars, and they also need experts who know those parts inside and out, so your know-how could keep deep sea missions running smoothly. With academic knowledge of the parts and warehousing industry, you can hone your skills to specialize in whatever you’re interested in, like knowing what’s wrong with the engine on a submarine.

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Like to be on the move? Hate settling down somewhere for too long? Maybe you should be on the road as someone who’s job it is to get parts where they need to be. A career in parts transporting can mean a life on the open road, making sure that parts get delivered where they’re needed, safely, quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s the thrill of cruising down the highway, hauling a load of parts, or the sense of satisfaction you get from delivering results and much needed parts while putting someone’s mind at ease, a career transporting parts is not only exciting and constantly changing, but rewarding, too.

However, if you just prefer to stay put, a job in a warehouse can be a lot more exciting than it seems. You won’t just be stacking mufflers or sorting brake pads, you’ll be sorting and arranging parts, making sure things are able to be found easily, tracking and labeling, and making sure the facility is running smoothly and efficiently. From designing and honing storage warehouses with computer programs, to devising better and more efficient ways to get the parts into the hands of customers, the possibilities of being a parts person in a warehouse is much more vast and varied than you might expect.


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