Auto Training Centre Gets All New Computer Labs!

Spring has arrived, and at ATC we’ve done a little spring cleaning of our own. Our computer labs recently got a makeover, with all of our old equipment replaced by brand new laptops!

ATC Surrey
A brand new fleet of ASUS laptops for our auto training students in Surrey

The new labs were financed entirely by ATC, and old parts such as computers, keywords and monitors were given away to students who needed them, free of charge. Not only will every student use these computers for their tests—students in our Transportation and Service Operations faculties will benefit from brand new computers for their software training. Software available in the new computer labs includes:

  • ADP
  • Mitchell’s on Demand
  • Audatex
  • Fleet manager
  • PC Miler
  • Translink
  • CBT training for Service Advisor and Parts

A new program called Insight will also be used in the labs. Insight is an effective classroom management tool that helps teachers create a better learning experience, and promotes interactive learning with broadcasting and sharing features. A built-in chat feature allows teachers and students to have one-on-one conversations without disrupting the rest of the class.

Labs are open during ATC business hours, with features such as printing and scanning available for all students. Everyone at ATC, from auto mechanic students to auto sales training students will undoubtedly benefit from this great new addition to our campus!

ATC labs
Auto Training Centre Gets All New Computer Labs

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