New Auto Technology Features To Watch in 2016

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While 2015 saw many advances in auto technology—from smart drive systems to longer lasting EV batteries—2016 will likely be even more promising where tech is concerned. So far, there’s been talk of new automotive technology including advanced safety features and enhanced driving features. In fact, according to Autotrader executive editor Brian Moody: “All of the major automakers are racing to integrate the latest and greatest features into their vehicles.”

If you’re interested in pursuing an automotive career, you will want to keep tabs on some of the tech that will be featured in cars of 2016 and beyond. Read on to find out what you can expect to see this year.

Tesla Model S Software Version 7.0: A Near-Autonomous Driving Experience

Imagine a car capable of automatically steering itself down a highway, changing lanes, and even automatically adjusting its own speed according to the flow of traffic. While such features might sound ultra futuristic, it’s time to accept that the future is finally here—EV auto giant Tesla definitely has. In fact, version 7.0 of the company’s Model S software comes fully equipped with all of these features and more!

Anyone enrolled in an automotive technology program is sure to be impressed that Tesla’s Model S can automatically keep itself centered in a lane as well as sense whether there are objects or other cars in its range in order to avoid collisions. In addition, version 7.0 of the car’s software also allows drivers to sit back while the vehicle parks itself.

Drivers Can Record Video During Trips With New Chevy Auto Technology

In a time where it seems everyone owns some form of video recording device—from GoPros to smartphones and more—the all-new Corvette and the new Cadillac CTS-V will offer cameras of their own! An on-board Performance Data Recorder will allow drivers to record high-definition videos of their driving adventures. The system features data overlays, enabling drivers to easily share their videos on social media.

BMW’s Gesture Control Technology Improves iDrive Functionality

BMW’s iDrive multimedia system just got a lot cooler. Drivers considering buying a brand-new 7 series will be able to operate their infotainment systems using only hand gestures.

Thanks to an infrared camera on the dashboard, users can now point at the screen to answer an incoming call, or wave their hand to the right to dismiss it. They can also move their index finger near the screen to adjust audio volume, or point at it with two spread fingers to tell the GPS to plot a course home.

New Chevrolet Auto Technology Helps Parents Supervise Their Teens

Throughout your automotive career, you will encounter vehicles that have been damaged in collisions and other road accidents. While some accidents are just that—accidents—others are sometimes due to the fact that a driver lacks experience on the road. Chevrolet hopes to reduce the number of these types of incidents by adding tech features to its new Malibu sedan.

The car will offer a Teen Driver system, which generates an onscreen data report, so that parents can check things like the distance their children have travelled and maximum speed they’ve reached during drives. The system also mutes the car’s speakers when front seat occupants aren’t wearing seatbelts, and prevents teens from turning off key safety features, such as park assist and stability control.

Parents can now rest easy with Chevrolet's Teen Driver system.
Parents can now rest easy with Chevrolet’s Teen Driver system.

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