Considering Auto Technician Training? Meet BUDD-e: VW’s Latest EV!

Is this the future of Volkswagen vans? The German automaker chose the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to unveil its BUDD-e concept: a fully electric re-imagining of VW’s famous microbus, which boasts a host of high-tech features.

While the technology is still a long way from being ready for the market, it also comes at an ideal time for VW, as the company seeks to rebuild its reputation in the wake of last year’s diesel scandal, when news emerged that some of its vehicles’ onboard software was being designed to cheat emissions standards.

Will the VW BUDD-e be the first step towards a new, greener Volkswagen Group? Read on to find out more.

BUDD-e’s Features: What Automotive Mechanic Students Should Know

Perhaps the most important feature of the Volkswagen BUDD-e concept is its Modular Electric Platform, which the company plans to roll out by 2019. VW’s engineers have envisioned an ambitious 101kWh battery, which offers a projected 600km range and can be recharged to up to 80 per cent of its capacity within 15 minutes.

Students enrolled in an auto technician training program will definitely find plenty to get excited about in BUDD-e’s user features. For example, its gesture control technology can recognize the driver as he or she approaches the vehicle, opening the door for an easy entrance. The car is also completely mirrorless, instead using special small screen ‘e-mirrors’ inside the cabin.

A Brief History of VW Microbuses for Automotive Mechanic Students

While it is only a concept, it’s intriguing that Volkswagen has chosen to showcase this technology in the form of a new version of its iconic campervan. The original Type 2 was the world’s first minivan when it debuted in 1950, and its durability and practicality led it to become a symbol of 1960s counterculture, while its instantly recognizable design is still beloved by enthusiasts today.

The vehicle looks like a larger, boxier version of the Up than a traditional Type 2, while the space-age interior design won’t appeal to Type 2 traditionalists. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see whether a version of the BUDD-e concept could spark a microvan revival were it to go into production.


The original VW van became an iconic auto.


Auto Technician Training Spotlight: Electric Cars And The Future Of VW

The microvan wasn’t the only iconic VW given a futuristic makeover at CES, as the automaker also unveiled the e-Golf touch, which added a similar gesture control system to its all-electric version of the popular family car. Anyone pursuing an auto mechanic apprenticeship likely knows that the company’s current lineup also includes electric versions of the Up and Jetta, as well as hybrid versions of the Passat and Golf.

However, Volkswagen still has some way to go as it aims to embrace a greener philosophy in the wake of the diesel scandal. Of the models listed above, only the Jetta hybrid is available in Canada at present, and Volkswagen may need to increase production of electric models if it truly wants to change public perception.

You can check out the BUDD-e concept here:

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