Auto Shows Across Canada

With the Detroit Auto Show over, we’re all noticing that the car hype is dropping pretty quick. But if you’re a car show junkie or you want some more research for your career in auto sales, there are actually lots of shows happening close to home!

As well as many small or specialty shows scattered all over the map and all over the calendar, there are four major car shows that happen across Canada that are definitely worthy of the trip. Let’s check them out:


That’s right: the car show that happens closest to home is Automotive Training Centre’s Annual Auto Show, which we hold every August right here at the Surrey campus. This year the show will be held on August 10th from 9AM-2PM, and promises to bring as much fun as we had at last year’s show. With modern cars and vintage hot-rods, as well roaring engines and freshly painted car designs, there is something for everyone to see. Plus, you can register your car or bike and display it at the show. You might get lucky and walk away with the top prize. So, mark your calendars and start buffing your cars now, because the ATC Auto Show is definitely an event to be a part of.


The Vancouver International Auto Show will be held from March 26-31, 2013. Last year’s show was the first debut of the BMW 6-series Gran Coupe while rival Audi rolled out the S5. It was also the first Canadian showing of the squiffy Smart FourTwo, and the very first North American showing of Canawrap’s chrome-wrapped Lamborghini. Remember, the show could also be YOUR debut. Be sure to bring resumes and portfolios because it’s going to bring out all sorts of industry representatives. So if you’re hoping to be the next big thing in auto body detailing, you should be getting pics of your work ready now.


While Quebec isn’t an auto manufacturing giant,  Montreal still knows how to throw a big party, and their auto shows are no exception. The Montreal International Auto Show is going on right now, and even though it’s too late to attend, you can still follow along with coverage on their website, and start planning for next year.


As Ontario is the leading car manufacturer, and Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, this is also the biggest car show in Canada. Starting in February 15 (there’s still time to book a ticket!) this one is the 40th annual version. Last year we got the new Aston Martin One-77 (built in Markham, Ontario!) and this year Toyota is hinting they’ve got stuff to show off.

Got a passport? Hop the border (and take a five hour drive) to Portland, Oregon, for a peek at the nearest American International option starting January 24.

One final tip: if any of these look like a good idea, consider attending on a regular week day. Unlike the weekend, when the show will be packed with local tourists, you’ll get more access to industry experts. And that’s more time for them to go over the more technical aspects for auto experts like you as well as more networking chances to show off your chops as an auto service technician.

Before you go, check out some highlights of last year’s Vancouver International Auto Show:

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