Auto Sales Trends and New Digital Tools for Car Buying

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These days, technology moves fast – we’re talking 400 horsepower fast. This means that the speed at which auto manufacturers are releasing new cars with the latest and greatest technologies is revving up too. Sometimes it can feel like you’ve been left in the dust, and you’re not really sure what auto trends are popular or what cars you should be buying – what’s even considered good mileage these days? Luckily, because of the information age, there have been a variety of websites, digital tools and applications that have popped up that have made navigating the world of car buying and automotive trends a whole lot easier, so you don’t necessarily need to take mechanic courses in Toronto to know what kind of mileage your new Volkswagen gets, although that would certainly help!

Speaking of mileage, Fuelly is a new website that lets users post the average miles-per-gallon (mpg) of the specific car they own – company, model and year – to an entire database of users doing the same thing. Fuelly then averages all of the mpg ratings posted by users and calculates a mean mpg – or to put it simply, the average mileage you’ll get for that type of car. The database is vast, and it’s growing more and more every day, with the help of a dedicated community of gear heads, the occasional automotive technician and people in a variety of other automotive careers in Toronto.


While CarMax has been in the business of helping people navigate the tricky highway of buying a car – new or used – for decades now, their recent foray into the app world has made tracking down a new ride even simpler. With CarMax’s app – available for iPhone and Android – you can quickly find the closest CarMax location to you, then search by make or model, and compare and negotiate prices on the car of your dreams. No more pushy salesmen or pressure, and you usually end up getting a great deal on your new vehicle. The app features loads of pictures and information on every car you can look up, meaning you’re not going to get duped into buying a lemon either, so your friend who took automotive training in Toronto won’t have to help get you running again.

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Kelly Blue Book

The holy-grail of car-buying apps, the Kelly Blue Book app is a compendium of almost any make, model and year of car imaginable, complete with the industry standard price, the best price and even used car prices. They even have a wealth of discontinued models on the app!

You can see a video demonstrating the app here:

While it can’t tell you what to pay for used cars, it’ll tell you what the car is worth in an excellent condition, so you can use your fair judgement to negotiate a price. It also includes long and descriptive video reviews of the majority of the cars in the book, so you can get to know the car inside and out before you start looking to buy one.

So with all these killer apps and sites at your disposal, you’ll never be finishing in last place in the world of automotive trends and car buying.

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