What Auto Refinishing Prep Technicians Need to Know About Ferrari's Classic Red Paint Colour

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When asked to associate the colour red with the automotive industry, most people picture a glorious sportscar with a prancing horse emblazoned on the hood. Ferrari has been one of the most luxurious car brands around the globe for many decades, and much of its success comes down to branding. As well as its famous logo, the striking red colour is something that the Italian car maker consistently promotes. It’s the primary colour on the manufacturer’s famous Formula One car, its graceful road cars, and its vast array of merchandise.

Red has played a big part in Ferrari’s success, but its discovery stems from a fluke rather than any proper foresight. Auto refinishers relish the opportunity to spend time working on Ferrari vehicles, so here’s a useful guide on what the red colour means to the Italian car giant.

Ferrari Red Is Tied to Italy’s Proud Racing History

The story behind the famous Ferrari red is over 100 years old. Research has suggested that the colour became popular after a 1907 automobile race from Peking, China to Paris, France. The eventual winner, Prince Borghese of Italy, took on the 9,300-mile journey in a poppy red car and won the 61-day race by only one hour. His native country was so proud that red was adopted as the country’s national racing colour.

Students in refinishing prep training with an interest in motorsport know that national colours are common, like British racing green, French blue, or US Imperial blue and white. Consider the famous car manufacturers in each of those countries and you’ll find that many everyday vehicles sport those colours too. It should be noted, however, that Ferrari doesn’t have a monopoly on the production of red vehicles. The colour is also commonly associated with Alfa Romeo and a range of other Italian sports car manufacturers.


Rosso Corsa Is one of Many Red Tints in the Ferrari Garage

The specific tint of Italian racing red is called ‘Rosso Corsa’, so this is the colour most people would associate with beautiful Ferrari creations. Refinishing technicians know, however, that it would be a bad mistake to assume that this tint is the right one for repairs on each red Ferrari vehicle. The car maker uses lots of different red hues, such as the lighter Rosso Scuderia or the darker Rosso Mugello. Research should be carried out on a vehicle before deciding on the right paint for a refinishing job, and spectrophotometers are great pieces of equipment for this task.

Car buyers can even create a tint of their own to apply to their new Ferrari. Personalization programs allow the Italian manufacturer to scan the customer’s chosen shade, so the possibilities are endless!

The Ferrari Three Layer Technique to Be Aware of as an Auto Refinishing Prep Technician

Technology is always developing in the auto industry, and new paint techniques should be noted throughout your career as an auto refinishing prep technician. Ferrari, for example, has developed a new way of brightening up its paintwork by introducing a ‘three layer’ technique. As the name would suggest, three separate coats are applied to produce a deeper colour. The technique was used on the 2017 Ferrari Portofino, a stunning piece of engineering which is made even more striking by its glossy bodywork. Two-tone paint jobs have also become increasingly popular, which has seen Ferrari produce vehicles with different colours on the roof and bodywork. Mixing these different colours may make life a bit more difficult for refinishers, but the joy of working on a Ferrari will make up for that!


There are many different tints of Ferrari red

There are many different tints of Ferrari red

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