Auto Recalls in Canada Reached an All-Time High in 2014

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Last year, automakers hit a new record when they issued close to 600 recalls on Canadian vehicles. Affecting millions of drivers, the recalls were issued due to a variety of safety issues, such as faulty ignition switches, power windows, and fuel leaks.

George Iny, president of the Automobile Protection Association stated “These are not problems that the car makers just discovered. They’re taking another look at things that they had decided not to take action on before.

General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan and Toyota are among the manufacturers that issued massive recalls last year, leaving Canadian consumers and mechanics confused as to what to do since many of the recalls were issued for older vehicles.

If you’re interested in a career in the auto industry, you may end up working for a dealership or garage that’s authorized for recall repairs or replacements. Read on to find out what exactly a car recall is, how to stay informed, and what to do when recalls get issued.

How Do Automotive Recalls Happen?

In the case of most car recalls, the problem is limited to models during a specific time period at a particular manufacturing plant. This means that when a defect for a Toyota Corolla (for example) is announced to the public, not all drivers of that model will be forced to pull off the road.

Once a large amount of drivers and auto technicians report faulty car parts to Transport Canada, they’ll investigate the issue to determine the root of the problem. The findings of the investigation are then released to the public. If at that point an automaker doesn’t issue a recall, the government (through Transport Canada) will force one.

Can Drivers Take Recalled Vehicles to Any Auto Mechanic?

When a recall is issued, drivers will receive an official notice that outlines what repairs to their vehicle need to be done and list the specific dealers and garages that will do the work.

In the majority of cases, the repairs are done free of charge. If you’re considering entering the auto industry, you may be then wondering how dealerships and garages profit during a busy recall period. A good auto service technician knows that an auto recall serves as a great time to make a lasting relationship between the client and the auto mechanic.

The recall repair may be free, but providing great service and keeping the customer informed may earn you some repeat business. While performing the recall repair, you may even spot something else that needs a tune-up in their engine and book a second appointment!

Staying Informed About Automotive Recalls Can Improve Business

In some cases, your clients may be the second or third owner of their vehicle, and may not receive any news when there’s a recall issued on their car.

If you’re looking to become a mechanic, a good idea would be to proactively contact your customers who are second or third owners of a recalled vehicle, and have them check if they qualify for a free repair. Not only will this show your concern for their safety, it will earn you their loyalty!

For more information on recalls, Transport Canada has a database you can search. You can also check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website.

Were you or anyone you know affected by a recent vehicle recall in Canada?

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