Auto Mechanics in Cambridge Programs: Check out these Ford F-150 Police Truck Add-Ons

With high speeds chases, heavy loads, and near constant usage to contend with, police vehicles need to be made of strong stuff, and few automakers understand that better than Ford. The company is one of the world’s leading law enforcement manufacturers, offering a wide range of vehicles specially kitted out for fighting crime, and the latest addition to their line may just be the toughest one yet.

The new Ford F-150 Special Service Vehicle Package offers law enforcers a number of helpful modifications to make their jobs easier, with specially designed passenger compartments and a souped-up engine to withstand the rigours of daily patrol. For auto mechanic students, it’s a great example of the sort of heavy duty vehicle police departments rely on to make their work possible.

Read on to find out more about the Ford’s new crime-fighting machine, as well as how mechanics upfit new police vehicles to get them patrol-ready.

What Car Mechanics Can Expect from the Police F-150

Police departments looking to add the new F-150 to their fleet can choose either a 4WD or a rear-wheel drivetrain, which can be powered by a 3.5L EcoBoost engine or a monstrous 5.0L V8, ensuring the truck is never short on power while on duty.

Students pursuing auto mechanic careers in Cambridge will also be impressed by the truck’s 240 amp high output alternator, which is added to the special services model to stop extra police equipment like sirens and lights from draining the battery. Other modifications include a removed center console to house the communications equipment officers need, as well as special vinyl seats and floors for easy cleaning.

Check out the new F-150 here:


Upfitting: How Auto Mechanics in Cambridge Get Police Cars Ready to Fight Crime

As impressive as the F-150’s Special Services Vehicle pack is, police fleet mechanics will always have plenty of work to do to get new vehicles ready for patrol. That’s because whenever new vehicles are purchased, each individual department needs to upfit their fleet with their own sirens, light bars, radio and PA systems, as well as the sophisticated onboard computers most police vehicles now use.

Most police vehicles also require rear dividers to transport suspects safely, while larger models like the F-150 may also have a cage for police dogs. Each vehicle in the fleet also needs to be decorated with the livery of the specific police force.

Other Ford Police Vehicles Grads Might See During their Auto Mechanic Careers in Cambridge

Ford has been providing special service vehicles to police departments across the world for many years. Students studying auto mechanics in Cambridge might be familiar—hopefully not too familiar!—with the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and Ford Taurus squad cars, which have been part of the Waterloo Regional Police Services fleet in recent years.

Ford’s 2016 line includes a sixth-generation Taurus, now known simply as the Police Interceptor Sedan, as well the Police Interceptor Utility, an SUV model based on the Ford Explorer. A line of specially-modified Ford Transit vans serve as prisoner transport vehicles, while the company also offers a Special Services package for the Ford Expedition as an alternative to the F-150.

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