In Auto Mechanic School? Here’s What Determines the Best Car for a Commuter

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Certain vehicles are better suited for daily trips to and from the workplace, providing greater safety, security, cost-efficiency, and comfort. These are just some of the various qualities that can improve the overall commuting experience. As an auto mechanic, it’s important to know which components make cars that will meet the needs and demands of commuting drivers. 

With that in mind, here are some of the factors that make for an ideal commuter vehicle!

The Less Drivers Need to Use Their Hands, the Easier the Commute Will Be

Any driver who’s on their way to work in the morning will want to have their eyes focused squarely on the road and their surroundings, and their hands firmly on the wheel. Having a manual transmission vehicle isn’t the most practical option for dealing with heavy traffic, especially among less experienced drivers who may find themselves fumbling with the gear shift. An automatic transmission is the most logical option for practicality and ease of use, particularly for drivers stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic who have to stop and start their car frequently. 

Other things prospective buyers can look out for in a commuter car is Bluetooth access as well as appropriately-sized cup holders to avoid spilling coffee or water. These types of additions to a car improve functionality, reduce awkward fumbling, and make for a smoother and more enjoyable daily commute.

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Drivers will want a car that makes driving in heavy traffic less stressful

Gas Mileage: Those with Auto Careers Should Know That Less Is More

Another important element of an ideal commuter vehicle that those with auto careers will be aware of is good fuel economy. Drivers will want to be able to save money and make fewer trips to the gas station while driving to work, especially if the commute is long and heavy traffic is a regular part of the trip. A commuter car that gets great gas mileage can help drivers be more efficient with how much they have to spend on getting to and from the workplace. It also means the car guzzles less fuel, helping to leave less of an environmental footprint.

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A good commuter car is also one that has excellent fuel economy

Above All Else, an Ideal Commuter Car Should Be a Comfortable Ride

Anyone who’s gone to auto mechanic school can surely appreciate a car that offers optimum driver comfort. This is particularly relevant when a driver is frequently commuting to and from work, and will want to have as little stress as possible behind the wheel. Factors that can improve comfort include the seat being conveniently placed with plenty of legroom, the steering wheel being a comfortable-enough distance from the driver, and an easily adjustable headrest. A comfortable commute should also include excellent visibility while driving. This is especially true when needing to change lanes on highways frequently. With this in mind, cars with plenty of adjustability on seating and steering, as well as models offering the best visibility, should top the list of recommendations to commuters.

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