Want to Become an Auto Mechanic? Explore the Pros and Cons of a Dashcam

A dashcam is a small camera that is mounted onto the dashboard, or sometimes the rearview mirror, of a car. It typically records sound and video as soon as it receives power; when the car turns on, so does the dashcam. Dashcams boast many different features depending on the model and price range. For instance, some have LCD screens built in so that the footage can be viewed right away, while others can connect to smartphones so the footage can be viewed on an app.

Dashcams are essentially used to film the road in the event that something happens. While they often go unused, they offer a great form of security to drivers. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of having a dashcam!

There Are Many Advantages to Having Dashcams

There are many advantages to having a dashcam on a vehicle. Not only do they provide proof for insurance claims, but drivers may also get a discounted insurance premium if they have a dashcam. Those earning their auto mechanic certification may know that when claiming anything on insurance, it is important to have as many details as possible. When an accident happens, it can be overwhelming, and the driver may not have seen or registered all that happened. With the footage recorded, the client can have clear evidence of what happened.

Not only do they record audio and visual footage, but many dashcams can record the car’s location via GPS tracking. In other words, they can detect the car’s position and speed at the time of the incident. All footages gets automatically saved, with different cameras offering varying amounts of storage.

Most dashcams start recording when the car is turned on

What Should The Client Look Out For

Dashcams sound like a dream, but it is important to consider both the good and the bad before making the investment. Dashcams can collect evidence on both sides of an incident. In other words, both the owner of the dashcam and the other drivers are being recorded. Essentially, they can serve to incriminate both parties. Depending on the place, there may be laws that mean a driver is obliged to hand over all the footage to the authority – including footage that may incriminate them. 

Additionally, dashcams are at risk of being stolen. Through auto mechanic training, you’ll learn about different vehicles and their many expensive parts. While most people may not know the price of car parts, there is clear value in a camera. A dashcam is a desirable piece of technology that sits visibly for all to see. Therefore, it’s a good idea to advise clients to remove their cameras from the mount each time they leave their car.

Those in auto mechanic training should know that dashcams can detect a car’s location, position and speed

Dashcams May Be Relevant to Those With Auto Mechanic Training 

As a mechanic, it is a good idea to understand the technology of a dashcam. Much like any other car-related product, it is helpful to be knowledgeable about the function of dashcams so that you can help a client to make informed purchases for their car.

As a mechanic, it can also be helpful to review a client’s dashcam footage when assessing a repair. If a customer comes into the shop to inquire about a problem with their vehicle, the audio and visual data collected by the dashcam can speed up the process of locating the issue, and possibly how best to fix it. 

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