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Ever wondered what it would be like to drive a Formula 1 car down a highway? For a lucky few Aston Martin customers, that dream could be a little closer to becoming a reality. Earlier this year, the luxury automaker announced plans for the AM-RB 001, which will be built in collaboration with the Red Bull Formula 1 racing team, and designed by their Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey.

And as more details about the project emerge, anticipation is growing that the ambitious hypercar could come closer than ever before to replicating F1 performance in a street legal vehicle. For both F1 fans and Aston Martin buffs in mechanic college, it looks like one of the most exciting releases of the decade.

Want to know more the AM-RB 001? Read on to find out.

Plans for the AM-RB 001 are Sure to Impress Auto Mechanic College Students

Aston Martin haven’t been shy about their ambitions for the AM-RB 001, even promising it will be able to lap Silverstone in the same amount of time as an LMP1 race car. Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman has also claimed that the mid-mounted, naturally aspirated V12 engine will be the highest revving ever in a production car, producing 11,000rpm.

While auto mechanic college students shouldn’t expect to see official engine specs for a while, Aston Martin are aiming for 1:1 power to weight ratio, with the AM-RB 001 all-carbon fiber body rumored to reduce curb weight to under 2,300lbs.

As for the exterior design, you can check that out here:


Adrian Newey: Inside the Mind of an Auto Mechanical Design Genius

The AM-RB 001 would be a design challenge for anyone, but Adrian Newey certainly has the resume for the job. The legendary Formula 1 engineer has won more Constructors’ Championships than any other designer—ten in total—and is the only person to hold the title with three different teams, having previously worked with Williams and McLaren.

The AM-RB 001 will his first-ever road car, and students in mechanic colleges can expect him to incorporate his F1 expertise into a number of the vehicle’s components. The company has already confirmed that the car will use front and rear diffusers to force air underneath the car, providing downforce without the use of wings and spoilers.

Some experts are also predicting that Newey will include a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) in the final design. KERS systems are hybrid power units commonly utilised in Formula 1 cars, and capture waste energy that would be lost in braking for later use.

When Will Students in Mechanic Colleges See the AM-RB 001 on the Road?

Unfortunately, the AM-RB 001 is still a long way from being ready to go into production. Aston Martin is developing both a road model and a race version, which they hope to test next year, and production is slated to start at some point in 2018.

AM-RB 001 owners are also set to be a very exclusive club, with just 99 units going into production, at a rumored price of up to $4 million. Luckily, it may not be the last collaboration between Aston Martin and Newey, with Max Reichman hopeful of working with him again. “It just worked,” he told The Drive. “Adrian is best at getting to a finish line first. We are great at building road-going cars, production cars. And making beautiful things.”

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