Want to Become an Auto Mechanic? Check Out 3 Benefits to Game-Based Learning Online

Online training is perfect for students that want to accelerate their automotive career without leaving their homes. At ATC, students can learn from a number of different resources, including experienced instructors, videos, and game-based learning. 

Aspiring auto professionals can use the ARGO e-Learning platform to enhance their studies. They will be able to develop technical knowledge and soft skills that will help them to succeed in their future career. 

The game-based learning platform at ATC is designed to show students the inner workers of auto mechanics in a visually immersive and memorable way. The platform includes real-time simulations and 3D animations to improve learning and help students take the next step in their career.

Read on to find out three benefits of game-based learning. 

Take an Active Role in Your Learning 

In game-based learning, the student takes an active role. Unlike watching a video or listening to an instructor, students at online automotive school must make decisions and show their knowledge to solve problems. 

Studies have shown that students are more likely to develop an emotional connection to the subject matter through this approach. Because there is an element of success or failure, students are subconsciously more motivated to learn and understand the information. Students are also more likely to remember the material after the lesson. 

Learn From Impressive Visuals at Online Automotive School 

According to research, 65% of the global population are visual learners. This means that they learn best through visual communication, including graphs, images, and videos. 

The game-based learning platform at ATC is heavily focused on visuals. Students can look at simulations and 3D animations to get a better understanding of auto mechanics. This method of learning can also benefit kinaesthetic learners who learn by doing and practice, as they will be able to interact with the game and learn by working with it.

Students can learn from real-time simulations and 3D animations

How Game-based Learning Improves Digital Skills 

Digital skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s workplace. Professionals in the auto industry are often expected to be digitally literate and confident using new software. Fortunately, one of the benefits of online learning is that students become more confident using technology.

Using game-based learning regularly can help students to improve their technical skills as they will become better using new software. This will help them in their future careers as they will be comfortable adapting to new technology. 

Game-based Learning is Fun! 

If you love cars, you will probably find the majority of the automotive training online program fun and engaging. However, game-based learning is a great way to mix up your study sessions and include a more interactive and entertaining element. 

In short, using games to learn is effective because students enjoy it. It sounds obvious, but if you like doing something, you will do it more often and see better results.

You will learn better if you’re having fun

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