Want to Become An Auto Mechanic? Here’s What You Should Know About The 2021 Volkswagen ID 4

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As the push for electric cars increases amidst growing environmental awareness, manufacturers are racing to develop cars using the latest technological advancements. As VW’s upgrade to the electric compact ID.3, the ID.4 is the newest among affordable electric vehicles on the market, rivaling models such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Kona Electric, Tesla Model Y, Kia Nero EV, and Nissan Ariya. Volkswagen’s latest release is a larger, compact crossover SUV, developed with the North American market in mind.

While VW has not yet released price or performance targets such as range, it has made public some information about its newest electric model. Read on to find out what you need to know about the electric ID.4!

The ID.4 Explained for Those Considering Mechanic Training

Although the model was initially supposed to debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, its cancellation due to COVID-19 concerns has led to the ID.4 needing to be digitally unveiled as a prototype. With U.S. production of the vehicle set to begin at VW’s Chattanooga facility in 2022, the first models will come from the automaker’s plant in Zwickau, Germany. The ID.4 is expected to go up to 500 km on the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure for Europe, and has an expected range rating of at least 386 km in the United States and Canada. The ID.4’s battery packs will most likely offer 62 and 82 kWh (58 and 77 kWh of usable capacity) as options.

Students in automotive school may be intrigued to learn that the electric battery will recover 80% of its charge within 30 minutes. Although more power is potentially on the horizon, this model is expected to offer drivers an initial maximum of 100 kW. Unlike earlier models, the ID.4’s wagon boasts a more traditional shape to increase both cargo space and practicality, an attempt to cater to North Americans who tend to prefer larger cars.

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The Volkswagen ID.4 is generating plenty of excitement

A Guide to the ID 4’s Thermal Circuits and Design

Those who are considering mechanic training may be interested to know that the ID.4 also boasts two thermal circuits. With the power electronics and battery having a lower temperature circuit while a higher one is equipped with the motors, this system is great for liquid-cooling purposes. The modular MEB platform that this battery-electric vehicle is built on also includes a space under the passenger compartment that hosts its battery, allowing for a low centre of gravity.

At first glance, the ID.4 is similar to the ID Crozz Concept, sharing many styling characteristics such as wide rear haunches and a flowing shoulder line. However, it lacks the coupe-like roof design. Its 30-colour ambient light strip and infotainment display add colour to the cabin’s clean, minimalist design. The vehicle even features pause-and-play accelerator and brake pedals. For those hoping to get their hands on the ID.4, Volkswagen is taking $100 refundable deposits. 

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