What Those in Auto Detailing Should Know About Windshield Treatment for Rain

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Trying to get home when it’s dark and pouring rain can be more than a little frustrating. Even with the windshield wipers turned to their highest setting, those oncoming headlights will probably still appear blurry. 

Driving in the rain is an annoyance at best and a serious safety hazard at worst. Drivers might struggle to see what’s in front of them, become disoriented, or have to slow down significantly. What drivers might not know is that they can get their windshields treated to solve this very problem. Windshield treatments work to repel rain, making driving in the rain a whole lot less stressful. But windshield treatments have a number of benefits beyond just repelling rain. Here’s a closer look at what these windshield treatments are all about. 

Those in Auto Detailing Will Want to Know the Benefits of Windshield Treatments

Windshield treatments can do more than just repel rain. Drivers get windshield treatments done by professionals to protect against a variety of conditions and hazards on the road. Here are some of the main reasons a windshield treatment is useful:

  • Repels Rain and Condensation: A windshield treatment can repel water in a range of states (frozen, liquid, gas) from accumulating on the surface of a windshield. Hydrophobic windshield coatings, applied by an auto detailing professional, will repel liquid and keep the windshield clear. That means that whether a driver is passing through fog or rain, the water will roll right off of the glass.
  • Protects the Windshield from Scratches: Scratches can make it more difficult to see out of a windshield, especially in the glare of the sun. With a windshield treatment, dirt particles won’t get stuck in windshield wipers and scratch up the glass surface. Because treatments prevent anything from sticking to the surface, scratch-causing particles will instead fall right off.
  • Improves the Longevity of Wipers: Windshield wipers can get worn down by the friction of moving back and forth across the windshield. A treatment can help them to glide more smoothly, making them last longer.
  • Keeps Drivers Safe: Any impediment to a driver’s ability to see the road clearly is a safety hazard, and rain can certainly make the view blurry. Windshield treatments are a great way to help a driver stay safe, no matter the weather.
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Windshield treatments can help drivers see clearly by repelling water

Types of Windshield Treatments

There are three main types of windshield treatments. The first (and largely considered the best) type includes Nanotechnology-based treatments, which create a bond with the silica particles of the windshield. These kinds of treatments can often repel particles such as dirt and oil, rather than just water. If you’re in professional automotive detailing, you can recommend this treatment to drivers in climates with heavy rain.

Another type of treatment is a fluorinated based treatment. It still causes water droplets to bead and drip off, which makes it less effective than nanotechnology-based treatments. As a result, it is better suited for areas that experience average levels of rainfall.

Lastly, drivers can opt for silicone-based treatments, but they should know that these are the least effective. Silicone doesn’t form a bond with the glass—unlike the other two—meaning that it needs to be reapplied more often. Silicone-based treatments are best for areas with infrequent rains.

What Drivers Should Know When Choosing a Treatment

When choosing a treatment, drivers should consider the weather where they live as well as their driving habits. Do they drive off-road often? If so, they might want to choose a windshield treatment that will protect against dirt particles and prevent scratching. Is there consistent rain? If so, they might want to opt for a more protective windshield treatment. Whatever their reason may be, a windshield treatment is a great way to stay safe in bad weather while driving.

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