Auto Detailing for Dealer Preparation

auto careers dealer preparationAuto detailing is an important and often overlooked job in the realm of auto careers. Even though we value power, speed and fuel efficiency in a vehicle, there’s nothing that’s as immediately striking or attention grabbing as a truly beautiful looking car. Professionals in auto sales have long known that eye-catching vehicles are the most popular with general consumers, which is why auto detailers and automotive painting are careers in high demand right now. There is no shortage of work for those who are skilled at airbrushing and hammering out dents. Automotive detailers can choose to take a position at a car dealership, as a dealer preparation, for a rewarding and interesting day’s work.

What is Dealer Preparation Detailing?

Dealerships are the be all and end all of good looking cars. You’re never going to step onto a dealer’s lot and find a bunch of run-down, dishevelled looking cars – and if you do, you can be sure that the dealership isn’t going to be around for much longer. That’s why at dealerships, having a pristine auto finish is just about one of the most important things that you can invest time and money in, and anyone with car sales training will tell you that.

That’s why dealer preparation is such an important aspect of car sales, and why more and more dealerships are hiring top rate auto detailers to fill positions. Auto detailers who are working on cars for preparation detailing have to be extremely meticulous and hardworking, as every tiny piece of the car must look pristine.

Here is a video with some helpful tips for car detailing:

What’s Involved in the Process?

Dealer preparation not only involves a lot of care and attention, but a willingness to go above and beyond just a standard clean. While dealer preparation for new cars usually involves the removal of factory placed plastic coating and wrapping from the interior and ensuring that all waste products and plastic pieces are removed, dealer preparation for cars that have been on the lot for a while is different.

In addition to ensuring that the car has been thoroughly washed on the outside and cleaned on the inside, a dealer preparation professional will also be expected to freshen the car with an air freshening substance, and ensure that all the windows are spotless and clear.

Auto careersOf course, if the car is a bit more used or well-worn, the dealer preparation technician has a lot more work cut out for them. This could involve anything from patching chipped paint to an entire repaint, depending on the state of the car.

Dealer preparation is the face of the industry, because a car’s beauty – or lack thereof – is often the first thing you see, creating sustained demand for skilled auto detailers.


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