Why Auto Detailing Makes Cars Feel Like New for the New Year

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The goal of vehicle detailing is to make cars look like new again. This is perfect for entering into 2020, as it can give drivers a sense of a fresh start and open opportunities. The restorative effect of auto detailing gives a feeling of luxury and can make an old car feel like it just rolled out of the dealership. Much like a new outfit or a trip to the spa, auto detailing can give the new year some positive energy that doesn’t involve hitting the gym or setting a lofty resolution. Read on to learn more about why this service adds a good-as-new touch to a January start!

Why Professional Auto Detailing Training Makes a Difference

To feel like a car is truly good as new, a professional job is required for auto detailing. Some drivers attempt DIY methods, but these can be very limited without the proper industry tools and training. With the proper tools comes safety equipment that many DIYers might not own or be aware they need. Professional training is important so that you understand exactly how to use products and deal with specific materials, to avoid damaging surfaces in or on the vehicle.

In addition, professional detailers know how to efficiently complete tasks. It can take someone much longer to perform the same auto detailing at home without real training. This gives cars back their freshly-bought look and can make a car feel like an oasis even in the middle of a traffic jam.

Vacuuming Is Thorough and Cleans Places You Don’t Think About Every Day

Getting into the nooks and crannies of the car that you wouldn’t normally consider is part of why detailing has such a striking effect. For example, most drivers give their car a quick vacuum from time to time. A lot of people don’t bother to vacuum their trunk, and almost no one would vacuum inside of their glove compartment. Someone with auto detailing training will know to get the vacuum into every space possible, removing debris from wherever they can fit the vacuum. Not only that, but carpet s are more deeply cleaned through steaming and other methods.

Once other parts of the car are wiped and cleaned, such as the glass and leather parts, the cabin is usually vacuumed all over again to ensure that there is nothing left from the rest of the cleaning.

Professional auto detailing takes vacuuming to the next level
Professional auto detailing takes vacuuming to the next level

Cars Come Out of Auto Detailing Looking Shiny

The shiny, just-out-of-the-lot look is one that can’t be recreated by anyone other than a professional auto detailer. A thorough cleaning of the exterior including use of a clay bar to remove small amounts of dirt, followed by a polish, gives a car a brand new look. Sealant or wax is often used to provide a little sparkle.

Tiny imperfections can cause a car to look less than sparkly, so the process also includes touching up areas where the paint is chipped or otherwise unattractive. This is yet another way in which choosing to study detailing brings you work that makes a difference in other people’s lives. You’ll have the right knowledge to safely and effectively make vehicles look like brand new.

A beautiful polishing job gives a vehicle lots of sparkle
A beautiful polishing job gives a vehicle lots of sparkle

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