Auto Careers to Consider: A Day in The Life of a Fleet Maintenance Rep

Are you looking for a career path in the automotive industry that allows you to use your logical thinking skills, your technical knowledge, and your money management skills? Becoming a fleet maintenance rep in the trucking industry could be the perfect fit! 

Though specific duties tend to differ depending on the company they’re working with, fleet maintenance reps are logistics experts that work in the transportation industry. Mainly, they ensure that regular vehicle maintenance gets done, inspect vehicles to ensure that they’re in good working condition, keep detailed records, and make arrangements for drivers that maximize profitability. 

Keep reading for a peek into an average workday in this managing role!

Start the Day With Routine Inspections 

As a fleet maintenance rep, it will be one of your duties to be well-versed in the safety standards in place for transportation companies. With that knowledge, you’ll perform regular inspections on vehicles to ensure that they are safe and fuel-efficient enough to keep expenses down. 

During a truck inspection, you’ll evaluate the functioning of the service brakes, parking brakes, tires, steering system, lighting devices, windshield wipers, and emergency equipment. You may be asked to create a maintenance schedule in order to ensure that inspections and other maintenance activities are completed regularly. That schedule will likely include a daily checklist for minor maintenance tasks that help to extend the life of company trucks.  

After dispatch school, it will be your responsibility to schedule both preventative maintenance services and repairs. This task will require good coordination skills and financial sense, as your objective should be to find quality solutions at affordable rates.

Truck inspections will be a regular practice after dispatch school.

Create Driver Schedules to Maximize Efficiency After Dispatch Training 

Creating driver schedules can be a complex part of your job as a future fleet maintenance rep. There are so many factors to keep in mind throughout the process. For example, you’ll do best to choose routes for drivers that both minimizes fuel consumption and maximizes time efficiency. To make this process smarter, many fleet maintenance reps are using industry-specific software for managing driver schedules. Some top-rated tools you might use include Fleetio, AUTOsist, and Onfleet. Dispatch training at ATC Surrey will introduce you to industry-standard software so you can step into your career feeling more knowledgeable.

You’ll learn to use industry-standard software in dispatch school.

Run Some Numbers Before the End of the Day 

Fleet maintenance reps should have the financial savvy to make purchases, schedule maintenance services, and obtain equipment within a predetermined budget. Before the end of your day, you may take some time to ensure that your company is operating within the budget and look for deals on products or services that your company needs. The Transportation Operations & Dispatching training program at ATC Surrey will equip you with hands-on experience so you can build the confidence you need to succeed in specialized transportation logistics roles. 

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