Auto Body Training + High Fashion? 3 Cars You Didn’t Know Were Designed by Fashion Icons

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The automotive and fashion industries are both examples where trends, style, and luxury take center stage, so it makes sense that the two worlds will occasionally collide to create something that’s truly pleasing to the eye.

In some cases, fashion designers collaborated with automakers to add a touch of flare to paint jobs and interiors or to create promotional or special edition models. Some designers even go so far as creating new panels to enhance the shape and curves of some of the world’s most popular cars. In either case, when high fashion meets auto design, the results are stunning.

If you’re planning on starting an auto body career, let’s take a look at a few inspiring examples of what happens when the runway meets the motorway.

1. Versace Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster: A Re-Design from Two Italian Powerhouses

Lamborghinis aren’t exactly in need of much redesign in order to become visually appealing, as the company produces some of the most recognizable supercars in existence. The company partnered with Versace, the legendary Italian fashion house, in 2006 to create limited-edition Murcielagos with a slight twist. The cars were available in black or white, with matching two-toned designer leather interior and just a hint of Versace’s Medusa logo along the edges of the doors.

Veterans in automotive careers may remember that only eight Versace Murcielagos went up for sale for $1M apiece, each coming with a Versace luggage case, gloves, driving shoes, and a matching watch.

2. Roberto Cavalli MINI Paceman: A Paint Job Pros with Auto Body Training Haven’t Seen Before

Mini has collaborated with the likes of Calvin Klein, DSquared, Kenneth Cole, as well as a variety of other known designers. Perhaps one of Mini’s most memorable collaborations was with Italian designer Roberto Cavalli. He joined with Mini to create a one-of-a-kind model in 2013 that sold at a charity auction for approximately 200,000 CAD.

The Roberto Cavalli edition Mini featured gold rims, a gold roof, and gold trim around the headlights and grille. The car was painted with a shimmering iridescent paint job, which as you’ll learn in auto body repair courses, changes color depending on how light hits it. The paint job held black, brown, and gold undertones to match the gold-colored window tint, making this car highly-recognizable no matter which highway (or runway) it drives down.

3. Fiat 500 by Diesel: A Car you May Get to Use your Auto Body Training on!

This is a car you may get the chance to work on in your auto body career, since there were over 10,000 models produced. Diesel, an Italian brand most famous for their jeans, teamed up with Fiat in 2010 to create the Fiat 500 by Diesel, which was available in three different colors. The model was available with exclusive wheels and specially-designed trim around the bumpers. The interior features black leather and, of course, denim, along with a Diesel logo on the shifter.

Unlike the other models on the list, this car went for a very affordable suggested retail price of around $24,000 CAD.

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