In Auto Body Technician Training? Here’s Why You Should Consider Specializing in Frame Repair

With so many vehicles on the road, the need for auto body repairs is always going to be in high demand. Customers get into unfortunate accidents and require skilled professionals to repair any damages and turn their vehicles into top-notch condition. That’s why specializing in frame repair is a worthy career for anyone wishing to enter the automotive industry.

At the Automotive Training Centre in Surrey, you will receive hands-on training in the field of auto body repairs, which will prepare you to specialize in frame repair and assist customers when their vehicles suffer collision damage. Read on to discover why you should consider specializing in frame repair!

Enjoy Communicating With Clients After Auto Body Technician Training

If you enjoy interacting with customers and insurance companies on a daily basis, then a career specializing in frame repairs within the auto industry would be ideal for you. As a frame repair technician, you will get the opportunity to use your customer service and communication skills to provide a professional experience to clients while paying attention to their needs and concerns. You will be prepared to handle the assessment of vehicle damages, communicate any repair requirements and estimated costs and liaise with a customer’s insurance company after your auto body technician training.

Work Your Magic Bringing Damaged Cars Back to Life

As a qualified auto body repair technician specializing in frame repair, you’ll bring your talent and technical skills to the fore as you work on various types of damaged vehicles and restore them to their original condition. With your auto body training qualification, you’ll be able to handle a range of industry tools, such as hammers, sanders and grinders. You’ll use your knowledge of different vehicle models and their structures to replace damaged doors, fenders, windscreens and other auto body parts. At the same time, you’ll be able to use auto products and fillers to ensure surfaces are even and remove imperfections before applying different grades of sanding material in preparation for painting.

When you specialize in frame repairs, you’ll use your skills to bring damaged cars back to life

You’ll Be in Charge of Vehicle Testing and Safety

When you specialize in frame repairs, customers will trust you to ensure the safety and function of their vehicles after all auto body repairs have been completed. Take care to assess all damages thoroughly and pay attention to how a collision may have affected other parts of the vehicle’s structure. After repairing and restoring a vehicle to its original condition, you’ll be responsible for test driving the car and ensuring that it drives as it should. 

After auto body technician training, you’ll ensure customers’ vehicles are safe to drive

Prepare for a Practical Career With Good Salary Prospects

With proper training from the Automotive Training Centre in Surrey, you’ll have the qualification to enter the automotive industry and specialize in frame repair with confidence. Our first-rate programs include instruction in the classroom, advanced mechanic shops, and auto body repair facilities to give you comprehensive training with extensive career prospects upon completion. You will have the opportunity to begin an entry-level position with an average salary of $57,700 per year in Canada. With more experience in the field, you will have the opportunity to earn up to $79,747 per year. 

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