Considering Auto Body Technician Training? 3 Reasons Why Excellent Customer Service Skills Are Critical

For anyone considering a career as an auto body technician, being an excellent communicator who enjoys talking to people is a must. Although having the necessary technical knowledge is obviously essential, your interpersonal skills will also be tested in this role. Therefore, it’s important to develop excellent customer service skills before embarking on your auto body technician career. This is especially true when considering that many of your tasks on the job will be client-facing, as you’ll want to assure them that the work you’re doing will be a job well done.

Here are three key reasons why customer service skills are important in the world of auto body repair.

1. You Can Find Yourself Frequently Explaining Your Repairs to Clients 

One of the key aspects of working as an auto body technician is how you talk to clients. After you discuss the repairs with them, ask them questions about the damage, and understand what their needs are, you’ll be expected to explain to them in detail what will be necessary in order to make the correct repairs. Not only will you need to articulate why certain techniques are needed for auto body repairs to be done properly, you’ll want to do so with a smile on your face and a friendly attitude, all while talking to them in a way that reassures them that you’ll be doing the best possible job. Ultimately, the client is the most important individual in the shop, and you’ll want them to be happy with your repairs and willing to work with you again.

You’ll want to reassure clients that you’ll be doing the best possible job on repairs

2. Customer Service Skills Also Involve Handling Some Uncomfortable Situations

Those wanting auto body technician careers should be aware that helping clients with their auto body repairs isn’t necessarily a walk in the park with each new job. You may be working on a vehicle that has just suffered damage after an accident, and your client may be extremely stressed and flustered as a result. You will also be telling clients how much the estimate for repairs will be, and you will need to have the client sign off on those estimates—something that may not always go over well if the cost exceeds their expectations. It’s important that you are able to handle these kinds of situations calmly and with tact to earn the client’s trust and satisfaction.

Auto body repair technicians need to be able to earn the trust of their customers

3. Clients Aren’t the Only People Those with Auto Body Technician Careers Talk to

Although a significant part of your daily life as an auto body repair technician will involve interacting with clients about the repairs you’ll be performing, you’ll also be expected to interact regularly with other parties. For example, you’ll be speaking with your colleagues on a daily basis, such as those responsible for painting and other aspects of detailing, and still others who are responsible for parts. You’ll need to inform your co-workers about repairs as they happen, and keep them informed on their individual responsibilities on different auto body projects. You may also sometimes need to speak to those working for insurance companies, as these companies often like to communicate directly with automotive professionals to discuss repair costs.

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