Considering Auto Body Technician Training? 3 Possible Areas of Specialization Upon Entering the Field

The auto body industry is becoming increasingly varied, with skilled auto body technicians finding work in specialized areas. Whether you hope to work for a car dealership, an independent garage, a specialty repair shop, or for yourself, your skills will be suited to a range of automotive working environments following training.

If you want to explore the opportunities available to auto body technicians, read on for an overview of some of the top areas of specialization in the field. 

1. Work as an Auto Body Repair Technician 

One of the broadest fields available to trained auto technicians is in vehicle repairs. Those with auto body technician training  develop technical aptitudes that incorporate reasoning, spatial awareness, physical construction, and mechanical principles. Repair technicians work with a variety of vehicles that have sustained damages through accidents and collisions. In order to restore the condition and function of a car, repair technicians have an in-depth understanding of the parts and resources of different models. On a daily basis, specialized technicians will be able to review damage reports, estimate repair costs, and remove and replace damaged parts. If you’re looking for a dynamic and hands-on career, auto body repair technicians take on a wide range of practical jobs. 

Auto body technician professionals repair and replace damaged parts

2. Specialize in Auto Body Painting 

If you have an eye for detail and the aesthetic condition of a car, then consider specializing as an auto body painting prep technician. As an automotive painter, you’ll be familiar with using manual and power tools, including sanders, blow guns, spray guns, and polishers. Precision, artistry, and safety awareness when using technical tools are valuable skills when it comes to auto body painting. If you choose to specialize in this field, you’ll experience working with a range of different materials. The duties of this specialization are varied, typically including such tasks as removing rust and grease from metal, filling dents, mixing paint and blending colours, applying primers, and repainting surfaces. In addition, pros in this role will often inspect painted vehicles to ensure a high quality of product, and attend to any runs, sags, or defects in the paint. If you have an interest in design, a creative eye, or expert precision, then consider car painting in your exploration of auto body technician careers.  

As an auto body repair technician you can work to restore the aesthetic condition of a vehicle

3. Apply your Skills as an Auto Body Refinisher 

After completing an auto body technician program, you can choose to apply your skills as a refinisher. This branch of the trade most typically focuses on conducting damage reports, preparing surfaces, performing minor repairs, and priming surfaces for top coats. Generally, refinishers work with cars that have been damaged, and aim to restore them to their original condition. With tasks that may include surface preparation, structural repairs, metal working, and spray painting, pros in this specialization apply their skills to a very important stage of auto body maintenance.

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