What Those with Auto Body Technician Training Should Know About the 2021 Land Rover Defender

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The Land Rover Defender represents an iconic vehicle in the automotive world, best known for its ability to tackle all manner of terrain and its unmatched functionality. It’s most frequently purchased as an investment by farmers as a reliable, rugged working vehicle, and by wealthy outdoor adventurers who can afford the hefty price tag. The Defender is also posh enough in its engineering repute to rate as a favoured ride of the UK royals for the last many decades, used frequently by the family on backcountry expeditions in the Scottish highlands, for commutes between estates, and often to ferry members of the family to ceremonial events.

So what’s new in the 2021 version of the much-beloved workhorse, crowned by some automotive experts with the “SUV of the year” label of distinction?  Let’s take a look!

A Glance at the Powertrain

Students in auto body technician training might want a peek under the hood first. Powered by a standard 296-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine on an eight-speed automatic transmission, the 2021 Defender also gives buyers a beefed up 3.0-liter inline-six option, boasting 395 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. Drivers going for the upgrade also gain an electric supercharger, a 48v hybrid system, and turbocharging.

Both models come with the all-wheel drive and locking differentials that have become synonymous with the Defender. To lend to that rugged terrain experience, buyers can expect 11.5 inches of ground clearance and the ability to ford through 35.4 inches of water. Individualized advanced option features are offered through four accessory packages, including the Explorer Pack, Adventure Pack, Country Pack, and Urban Pack. 

An Overview of the Interior and Exterior 

Those training to be an auto body repair technician may eventually get to do work on the exterior of one of these new Defenders. Wondering what that looks like? While some reviewers have criticized the exterior on the 2021 Defender for looking “cartoonish,” most have praised it for having a retro-technical appearance, remaining true to its rugged functional roots while appointing modern SUV styling. The cabin continues on from that theme, reminding drivers of the Defender’s workhorse status with a notably rugged interior design complimented by an overall premium feel. Details such as exposed bolts in the door panels, and large buttons and switches for climate and drive mode under the dash, all feel very utilitarian in appearance. 

Yet modern amenities also abound, with the inclusion of a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system using the all-new Land Rover interface, “Pivi Pro.” An in-dash nav system, 6-speaker stereo, onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, as well as Apple Carplay and  Android Auto are all standard. 

Check out this walk around to see more:

Last Words on the 2021 Defender for Students in Auto Body Technician Training 

Buyers can look out for wider availability in 2021 on the two-door “90” body style of the Defender. This model is also now available in base, S, X, First Edition, and new X-Dynamic trim levels. Overall, the SE trim appears to be a highly recommended buy, adding luxury upgrades such as auto high-beams, 12-way power adjust front seats, a digital gauge cluster, and some swanky looking 19-inch aluminum wheels. 

For those who have the cash to drop on a new Defender, it’s safe to say there’s nothing else out there to match its reputation and engineering. And if the badge is good enough for the Queen, even without all the goodies on the latest version…‘nuff said?

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