Want to Become an Auto Body Repair Technician? Check Out These Careers in the Collision Industry

career in auto body repair

Auto body repairs is a highly specialized field that continues to experience high demand, as more and more vehicles are on the road and the automotive industry remains one of the most important industries for daily life in North America. 

At ATC Surrey, we understand the importance of a skilled trade and the market opportunities out there for you to establish a successful and high-earning career. In British Columbia alone, close to 50% of new jobs created will require a skilled trade designation or a college diploma. At ATC Surrey, students in our auto body training program graduate as skilled workers with exciting potential for growth and specialization in the sector. Read on to discover the opportunities that await in the collision industry alone!

Auto Body Repair Technician Jobs Are in Demand

After completing the Refinishing Prep and Auto Body Technician Course at ATC Surrey, you’ll have the opportunity to join a career path that’s in high demand. If you’re passionate about cars, enjoy working with your hands, and have a strong attention to detail, then pursuing a career as an auto body repair technician is the way to go. 

auto body technician training
Auto body repair technicians work with their hands to repair damaged cars

The course will provide you with the necessary skills to excel in this career path. Among many other things, students will learn how to prep a vehicle for paint, remove imperfections and sand surfaces, apply primer to repair areas, and perform collision or restorative work on a car.

No Body Work Without an Auto Body Painting Prep Technician

If you’re excited about a career in auto body repair, it’s a good idea to explore the different specializations open to you. If you’re the type that pays close attention to detail while finding joy in giving damaged cars a new life, then a job as an Auto Body Painting Prep Technician might be the way to go. This position works closely with the Auto Body Repair Technician and the Refinishing Paint Prep Technician to ensure that the surface of the car is flawless. With the proper training and experience, an Auto Body Painting Prep Technician will know how to treat a car using the right paint or primer based on the make and condition of a vehicle. 

The Repair Won’t Be Complete Without an Auto Body Refinisher

An Auto Body Refinisher works on the body of vehicles along with the rest of the auto body repair team. One day you may have to repair damaged parts or repaint body surfaces; other days you may have to remove exterior trims, mix paint, and much more. You’ll be in constant contact with clients to ensure that their needs are met and that any issues with their car are addressed. While coordinating with customers, you’ll get to inspect damaged cars, run estimates on repair costs, and much more. So an Auto Body Refinisher has the chance to develop both their technical and interpersonal skills throughout their career. 

auto body repair technician
A career in auto body repair can involve inspecting damages to a car and calculating repair costs

Careers in the collision industry come with a high earning potential. Most auto body repair jobs work on a flat rate system, however auto body technicians are usually paid a fixed rate, regardless of how many hours it takes to work on a car. With more experience, you’ll spend less time repairing the body of a car, while earning a fixed salary for the job.

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