Becoming an Auto Body Repair Technician? Here’s a Look at the Auto Body Apprenticeship Process

auto body repair technician

Auto body technician courses train career-oriented individuals in a variety of skill sets, and allow students to specialize in disciplines they are particularly interested in, such as repairs. A career in auto body repairs is in high demand, and will allow you to get to work in a hands-on, fast paced environment.

As you set out on your journey for completing an auto body course, you can even start getting paid straight away through an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship covers both on-the-job training as well as formal classroom learning to best prepare you for your trade. Continue reading for a closer look at the apprenticeship process!

How to Find Available Apprenticeships In Your Specialization

If you’ve already decided on your specialization as an auto body repair technician, then you can start searching for available apprenticeships in your area that will supplement your training program. It’s best to find an apprenticeship that focuses on your specialization – that way you know you’ll be passionate about the work and eager to learn. 

Online search engines will help you research employers offering apprenticeships to new technicians in training. Using sites like Glassdoor and Google Reviews will help you gain some insight into how employees and customers rate and perceive the companies. It’s important to take this into consideration when finding the right apprenticeship for you, since you’ll be spending lots of time there and you want to be successful.

auto body technician training
Picking a specialization is important for a fulfilling role as an auto body repair technician

How to Land Your Ideal Apprenticeship

Once you’ve taken a look at your options, make sure to take the time to carefully apply to each one. Applying to a few different job sites allows you to keep your options open. When completing your applications, be sure to tailor each one to the specific role. Each job will be slightly different, and it’s important to highlight your knowledge of each open position and how you will be a good fit. 

Researching the role and identifying specific qualities you have that will help you excel in the position will also prepare you for a smooth interview. Be sure to touch on your experience and your passions – that way the employer can get to know you and understand why you are compatible with the role. 

auto body technician careers
Prepare for your ideal apprenticeship with a thoughtful application and brushing up on your interview skills

What to Expect After Auto Body Technician Training 

Apprenticeships usually require somewhere between 5,400-7,200 hours, taking three to four years to complete. Upon completing your auto body technician training, you will be fully equipped to write your Certificate of Qualification exam and start working in a full-time position.

Not only does an apprenticeship offer good pay to earn while you learn, but this specialization provides a stable career with great pay in the long run. Additionally, the pay structure for a refinishing prep and auto body technician provides lots of room for earning growth, ensuring you can continue to progress in your career as you gain experience.


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