Attn. Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training Students: You Won’t Believe the Range of the Lucid Air!

As a hybrid and electrical mechanic training student, you’ve likely been observing the gain in momentum that electric vehicles have been experiencing in recent years. Whether it is because of impending bans on fuel-burning vehicles, the increase in environmental awareness or the broader range of EVs for drivers to choose from, more EVs are being purchased than ever before. According to Automotive News Canada, in 2021, 1 out of 20 new cars registered in Canada were electric vehicles, and sales increased 60% from the previous year. From these statistics, it’s easy to see that the future of EVs has only just begun. 

With the recent release of the electric Lucid Air from manufacturer Lucid Motors, we’re getting a glimpse of how much EVs have evolved with new technology. Known for its astounding range and horsepower, learn more about how the Lucid Air is revolutionizing the electric vehicle market below.

Compare the Different EPA Range in Your Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Course

The Lucid Air is a luxurious, all-electric sedan that aims to redefine the expectations for EVs and compete against cars such as Tesla. When it comes to EPA range, the Lucid Air is one of the leaders. As a future hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, it’s important to note that EPA range is equivalent to the number of kilometres that a vehicle can travel before recharging. In order to determine EPA range during the vehicle’s testing stage, the car is charged and parked overnight, and the following day, it’s driven on a treadmill until its battery dies. Finally, the total distance is then multiplied by a correction factor to account for factors which might influence this metric when driving on real roads. The Lucid Air has an impressive official EPA range of up to 836 km, a record within the EV industry. 

hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic
EVs have different EPA ranges, but the Lucid Air is the leader so far

The Lucid Air’s Surprising Horsepower

During hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you’ll be surprised by the horsepower many EVs can attain today. A measure of the engine’s power, horsepower is calculated by measuring both torque and speed. When it comes to electric cars, a common misconception is that fuel-burning vehicles will always yield a higher horsepower than EVs. However, when comparing the two, EVs have the potential to produce more power. That’s because they have fewer moving parts, allowing them to run more efficiently in speed and agility. As for the Lucid Air, its horsepower exceeds expectations. It can come with solo or dual-motors, yielding a maximum horsepower of up to 1,111. The Air can also get from 0-60 mph in just two seconds and reach almost half a km in 10 seconds.

Charge it Conveniently While Running Errands

When discussing electric vehicles, a common concern for buyers typically comes down to the amount of time the battery takes to charge and how long the charge will last. Many EV drivers suffer from range anxiety or the fear of running out of charge before one’s destination. In truth, charging an EV is cheaper and more convenient than filling up for gas. With an EV, you can charge it while you aren’t using it, giving drivers time to pick up groceries or run errands while their vehicle charges.

learning more about EVs in a hybrid and electrical mechanic course
The Lucid Air can charge quickly and conveniently

Charging time can differ from one EV to another, but the new Lucid Air is setting a new precedent with its charging time. Lucid Motors, which started as a battery company, specializes in producing fast-charging EVs, with the Lucid Air obtaining a charge that’s good for 482 km in just 20 minutes. Compared with Tesla, which takes 15 minutes to charge for a distance of 320 km, we can expect to see the Lucid Air reshaping competition in the EV industry of the future. 

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