Attention All Future Auto Service Advisors! Check Out the New Canadian Auto Start-Up, EVEN Electric

EVEN Electric is charging the way electric cars are purchased
EVEN Electric is charging the way electric cars are purchased

Everybody knows the steps involved in buying a car. The customer walks into the dealership, checks out a few car models with the sales representative, test drives what he’s interested in, and then either negotiates a lease or purchases a car. Those same steps have been repeated over and over for the last century, but one new Canadian auto start-up, EVEN Electric, is planning to disrupt that whole system. In an attempt to make everything more efficient and digitized, and while trying to increase the sales of electric and hybrid cars, EVEN Electric has burst onto the scene. Their online showroom and sales platform will be paired by what they call ‘education centres’ or ‘customer centres’; places to pick up or service these cars.

One of EVEN Electric’s objectives is to change the way vehicles are distributed, which means that the presence of electric vehicles (EVs) might soon be more widespread, which could increase the potential possibilities for service advisors. If you’re interested in a service advising career, read on to find out how EVEN Electric can change the landscape for you.

EVEN Electric Brings EVs to Remote Places in Canada and Around the World

EVEN Electric’s business model involves distributing globally the cars that they present in their virtual showroom. What this means is that even places that don’t have a strong electric or hybrid vehicle presence may now have the opportunity to change that. These places were previously restricted by geography; they were able to purchase cars that had dealerships in the area, but rarely otherwise. The way EVEN Electric is changing that is important for anyone thinking about an automotive service advisor career, because it means that there might be more jobs in more diverse places available. It also means that there will likely be growing demand for service advisors that understand the engineering of electric and hybrid cars. That engineering is something that current and future automotive students can learn about during their studies, so that they have more options when they begin their career.

Grads Looking for an Automotive Service Advisor Career Could Look to EVEN’s ‘Customer Centre’

As a general rule, electric cars tend to need less servicing than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. However, people still get into accidents, cars still need repairs, and tune-ups are still an important part of any car maintenance protocol. EVEN Electric has found a way to simplify this servicing process for customers who buy electric or hybrid vehicles through them. They have opened up physical stores where cars that have been ordered can be picked up and where cars that they’ve sold can be serviced in the event of issues, accidents, or damage. If you want to be an auto service advisor in the future, these customer centres may be good places to hone your skills and build a career in an exciting, new environment.

Pros with Automotive Service Advisor Training Know About the EV Situation in Canada

In Canada, where EVEN Electric was founded and has set up its headquarters in Toronto, attitudes about electric and hybrid cars are changing. As these options become more affordable and more people understand their environmental benefits, there is more of an incentive for people to buy them. Not to mention that their maintenance costs are lower than ICE cars and there’s no cost for gas. These are some of the reasons why electric car sales have been growing substantially in Canada. For future service advisors, this presents many opportunities for new jobs and new fields of work.

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