Attention Auto Sales College Grads: Here Are the Top Concept Cars From This Year’s Geneva Motor Show

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The Geneva Motor Show is where some of the coolest concept cars get revealed each year

Auto sales professionals have many reasons to get excited about auto shows. Concept cars provide an exclusive sneak peek into what the future of the automobile industry may hold, so they can be a really big deal for auto sales reps who might be wondering what’s just around the corner.

Of all the auto shows, the Geneva Motor Show is one of the biggest ones around. It’s one that car enthusiasts eagerly anticipate, brimming with curiosity each year to know what great revelations it may bring. What are some of the top concepts automakers have brought forth this year? Keep reading to find out!

Auto Sales College Grads Have Long Anticipated an Audi BEV and the Prototype Is Here

Audi is up there among top German car manufacturers, but surprisingly doesn’t yet have a fully electric vehicle available. That may just change very soon, as Geneva was overrun with prototypes of the Audi E-tron, a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) the concept of which has now entered an extensive testing phase. Official specs haven’t yet been released, but the information that is available touts that this SUV’s battery will take just 30 minutes to reach a nearly full charge. The car should also combine more than one electric motor to provide upward of 490 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, while also providing an electric range of 500 kilometers. Much anticipated, the debut of the E-tron production car is expected to be at the Brussels Motor Show later this year—definitely something for grads of auto sales college to remain on the lookout for.

Nissan Sharpened Its iMX Concept to Add a Brain-to-Vehicle Interface

The iMX concept vehicle revealed by Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017 received some spiffy updates this year when it appeared in Geneva as the iMX KURO concept. Changes were made to its aesthetic appeal, and a brain-to-vehicle interface was also added on. Yes, you did read that correctly. It has a brain-to-vehicle interface. It’s the first the world has seen, in fact.

Still very much a concept, the KURO’s EEG helmet is meant to detect patterns in the driver’s brainwaves to determine if they are about to brake, turn, or accelerate. If such an action is detected, the car’s driver assist system could speed this action up. Under normal circumstances, it might not seem like much, but when encountering an unexpected obstacle, it could make the difference between a crash and avoiding a collision altogether.

This assistive driving is meant for when the driver is in charge of the wheel, but the vehicle also has an autonomous setting. Nissan wants to have autonomous cars on sale in two years, but perhaps the next big thing will be mind-reading vehicles! Now that could be exciting for pros with automotive sales careers to pitch to their clients.

A Pinnacle of Auto Luxury, the Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept Is Truly a Vision

Though the Aston Martin Lagonda has a steering wheel which happens to be able to slide from left to right hand drive, it was designed with primarily autonomous driving in mind. Spacious and plush, it is the ultimate pinnacle of luxury.

When in autonomous mode, the driver’s chair can be swiveled around to face the passengers, or maybe just to admire the amazing interior. The Lagonda’s steering wheel and seats are covered in hand-woven wool and accented with buttons and other design elements reminiscent of a suit you could find in the shop of a high-end tailor. From the outside, the car looks like something out of a futuristic film, which is more than a little fitting. According to reports, the Lagonda would be capable of wireless charging, smartphone control, and even the delivery of concierge services.

Check it out for yourself in this short clip:

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