How ATC’s Online Business Manager Program Prepares Students for Success in Automotive Careers

Do you love cars, but are more interested in the business side of things than fixing them? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Automotive Training Centres is offering students the opportunity to combine their business skills with their passion for cars through our Distance Business Manager course.

The program will help you to understand how the financial and business aspects of the automotive industry work from the comfort of your home computer. Here’s a rundown of ATC’s online business manager program and how it helps students pursue their career in the automotive industry.

Preparing Students for the Business Side of Automotive Careers

Through this unique course, you will be introduced to many of the underlying aspects of business management and automotive finance and insurance (F&I). The program prepares you for efficiently performing several different tasks, such as:

  • Interviewing customers purchasing a new or used car
  • Evaluating bureau reports and credit statements
  • Working with computer programs for the purpose of financing options and contracts
  • Dealing professionally with lenders
  • Supporting the work of sales teams

You will also learn about the legal disclosure of contracts and documents to customers, as well as gaining a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of automotive financing as opposed to leasing.

Students learn about auto industry contracts and documents

Course Modules and Instruction Methods

There are several layers to the program, covering everything from car sales training to the financial and legal aspects of the industry. The program consists of 11 different modules, including best practices for business, business office products, automotive finance, automotive leasing, cash and bank conversions, and business management leadership. Instruction is provided in the form of online computer training, text, and support from trained automotive professionals, giving you all the personalized support you would get in the classroom.

The program teaches students various aspects of automotive business management

Online Learning Gives Students a New Level of Freedom

Completing this program remotely gives you the freedom to work toward exciting automotive careers from your own home by simply logging into ATC’s online platform. The program can be completed at your own pace within a span of 12 months (though students can typically complete it within three to four weeks), at any location and at any time, and you are also free to complete the coursework while juggling it with your day job. By taking this course online, you can save both your time and your money!

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