ATC Facebook Contest: LaFerrari or McLaren P1?


What’s your favourite hybrid supercar? Arch-rivals Ferrari and McLaren both chose this year’s Geneva Motor Show to unveil the production versions of their newest ultra-rare hypercars, both of which are propelled partially by electric power and are two of the most insane vehicles ever created.

So which is better? Join our Facebook contest by voting in the comments section and you could win a great prize! The contest runs 1 week, from September 22nd to 29th.

Vote now to win!

Here’s how to enter:
1) Place your vote by commenting either “LaFerrari” or “McLaren P1” below the contest post on Facebook!
2) Then complete the short entry form on our website (the link will be available on our Facebook page) and you could be a WINNER!
We’ll choose a winner at random from all participants. To help you make your decision, here is some more information about the two cars:

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari is an ultra-powerful and ultra-modern car featuring a design packed with cutting edge technology. Its V12 engine, capable of producing 790 horsepower, works in tandem with a 60 kg lithium battery electric motor. In total, the two engines are able to produce a jaw-dropping 950 horsepower! All this energy is sent to the rear wheels through a seven-speed manual transmission manufactured by Getrag for Ferrari. Another interesting aspect of LaFerrari is its weight management. Ferrari’s engineers have made ??the most of their auto technician training, using complex techniques to reduce the weight of the car to a minimum. The result? A comet of a car capable of burning racetracks!

McLaren P1

McLaren is no stranger to build winning cars. P1, its best road car ever, is simply breathtaking to anyone with an interest in auto careers. With its V8 engine 727 horsepower combined with an electric motor of 176 hp, the car manages to produce a total output of 903 hp. Impressive! P1 also offers exceptional handling and feels great driving. Where P1 McLaren stands out most from its rivals, including Ferrari, is its aerodynamics. The rear wing of the vehicle can be adjusted automatically according to the needs of the driver, thus reducing air resistance and allowing P1 to go even faster. What a machine!

May the best car win!

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