What Will Aston Martin’s Second Century Look Like?

After you complete your car sales training, it’ll be time for you to start searching for a career at a new or used car dealership. If you’re fortunate enough to land a job selling Aston Martins, you’ll be working with one of the most popular brands of luxury vehicles in the world. While Aston Martins will always have unmatched class, quality and, yes, a high sticker price, the auto manufacturer recently announced that they will introduce new and significant changes to their lineup in the next decade.

They’re calling it the “Second Century” of Aston Martin. It’s an ambitious and potentially game changing plan for the company, led by their new CEO Andy Palmer.

The First Vehicle of a New Era

After releasing the Vulcan supercar for the racetrack only and the Vantage GT Special Edition for the public, the 102-year-old British auto maker brought what might be the car of the future to the Geneva Motor Show. It’s called the DBX—a luxury GT sports car/practical SUV crossover. Currently it’s just a concept car, but the company has every intention of making it into a consumer vehicle.

Some of the highlights of the DBX include:

  • Forward-leaning grill
  • Cameras instead of rear-view mirrors
  • Electric lithium-powered inboard of wheel motors
  • No engine compartment
  • Drive-by-wire electric steering
  • Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS)
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • LED exterior lights

Take a look at the demo model in this video:

The company is also working on making a new, widely-available Lagonda sedan, but that’s not the only new Aston Martin that auto technicians will get to work on in the next decade.

Changes in the Next Few Years

At a Geneva Motor Show, Palmer had this to say:

Often cynics dismiss talk of a ‘new era’ in any business as hype but I know the cars we have on show here today at Geneva, along with the major work that’s ongoing in the UK and around the world to re-tool and re-equip our business for the exciting times ahead, more than merits the use of the phrase.”

Last week at the Shanghai Motor Show, he went into detail about what these exciting times ahead may entail.

For one, Aston Martin plans to replace every single model in their lineup by the end of the decade. These won’t simply be re-skinned versions of existing cars, either. They’re talking about three new model lines very soon, the first two most likely being the DMX and the Lagonda sedan.

Stakeholder Investindustrial recently gave the company quite a bit of new research and development capital to make all of this new development possible. They are also partnering with Mercedes to develop new engine technology.

One thing is clear, when you become a mechanic and work on Aston Martins, get ready for a few surprises.

Are you excited about the prospect of working on or selling new Aston Martins after auto sales college?    

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