New Aston Martin DB10 is the Next Bond Car

Photo of stylish man in elegant black suitFor as long as they’ve been making films, the 007 franchise has boasted a revolving door of Bond actors – from Sean Connery, George Lazenby, and Roger Moore, to Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and most recently – Daniel Craig. But one element that has remained consistent over the decades is that James (whoever he may be) always has a beautiful woman on his arm and the keys to an extravagant car in his hand. Read on to find out the latest news in the British spy series, including a new film for fans and a new set of wheels for Bond.

A Relationship Built to Last

The brand’s relationship with luxury auto manufacturer, Aston Martin, dates all the way back to 1964 during Sean Connery’s run at the Bond role. And though the relationship has endured a few minor bumps – like when they experimented with other cars like Lotus and BMW – the 007 franchise has always returned to its first love. Says producer Michael Wilson in a past interview promoting Skyfall: “We’ve used different cars from time to time, but we always do come back to Aston Martin.”

A New Car for a New Film

You may already know that the world’s favourite British spy will be gracing the big screen in the upcoming twenty-fourth James Bond film. But, what you might not know is that Bond will be getting behind the wheel of an Aston Martin for the 12th time in 007 history – and a brand new one at that! The British sports car maker has unveiled its latest model, the DB10, which will appear in Spectre when the film hits theatres sometime in November 2015.

Here, the new Aston Martin is introduced and unveiled for the first time:

Classic Mechanics

Apparently, Aston Martin is a firm believer in the age-old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The auto giant has used its older VH platform on the DB10– which anyone with auto technician training can confirm, is the one that was used on its 2004 DB9. Someone pursuing an auto career might wonder why the UK manufacturer would use an older platform instead of its new one – which is currently being developed for its next generation of sports cars. However, it appears that the auto retailer is offering no explanation for this decision. The Bond car also sports an older 4.7-litre V8 engine, instead of a V12.

Unique Design for Bond

Aston Martin’s design and engineering teams worked closely with EON Productions (the Bond film series production company) in tailoring the DB10 specifically for Spectre. What makes this car even more unique is that only ten DB10s will be built!

According to Variety, the UK auto retailer also sees the new Bond film as a way to promote its future lineup of vehicles. Mark your calendars, mechanic college students! This film is definitely one you won’t want to miss – especially because Aston Martin will pretty much be providing you with a glimpse into the future of luxury UK vehicles.

A Few Words From Aston Martin…

In the 22nd issue of its namesake magazine, Aston Martin describes its relationship with Bond quite perfectly, stating “Of course, the beauty of all Bond’s cars has been that they are always so much more than they appear. Like so many of Bond’s love interests, they are attractive on the surface, but deadly beneath the bonnet.”

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