Arresting Style: Dubai Adds BMW i8 to its Police Fleet

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Every auto-lover knows that the Dubai Police Department already has a fairly diverse fleet of luxury law enforcement vehicles. One would think it couldn’t possibly get much better than a team consisting of a 700 horsepower Mercedes and an Aston Martin—just to name few. However, the emirate has recently decided to diversify its fleet just a little more, by adding in a brand new hybrid vehicle—the BMWi8.

Whether you are planning to enroll in a mechanic college, or you are simply a luxury vehicle fanatic, you’ll definitely want to read on and learn all about a few of the cars that you might see patrolling the streets, should you happen to visit Dubai.

BMW i8

Individuals who have already taken auto mechanic courses know that the BMW i8 is a new electric vehicle that is powered by both a 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine, as well BMW’s electric eDrive technology. Industry professionals understand that this car actually makes a great addition to any police fleet, since its presence is barely audible due to its very quiet engine. Furthermore, the version of the car that the Dubai Police Department has adopted as its own does not feature any rooftop police lights. In fact, the loss of this iconic police staple actually makes the car much more aerodynamic and efficient.

Get a glimpse of the all-new BMW i8 here:

Mercedes Brabus B63S Widestar

Some people might take one look at this SUV and chalk it up as a model from Mercedes’ G-Class lineup. However, only a great automotive service advisor would be able to see that this particular Dubai police force fleet member is actually a Brabus B63s-700 Widestar. So, technically yes, it is part of the G-Class family, as it is a G63-AMG—however, it is a model that has been tuned by Brabus to reach 700 horsepower. This vehicle is powered by a 5.5-litre biturbo V8 engine and can go from zero to approximately 95 km per hour in under 5 seconds.

Aston Martin One-77

Another member of Dubai’s super fleet is a $1.4 million Aston Martin, the One-77. This limited edition Aston Martin is in fact, as its name implies, 1 out of only 77 made. It seems the Dubai police force was onto something when adding this car to its fleet, as it can literally out-drive most other cars! Needless to say, few will be getting away from the law enforcer driving this vehicle. The One-77 can go from zero to 100km/h 3.5 seconds, and it has an amazing top speed of 354km/h!

Which vehicle member of the Dubai Police Department fleet is your favourite? What do you think about the concept of luxury vehicles in law enforcement?

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