A Look at the Most Anticipated Cars of 2021 for Those in Auto Sales School

A Look at the Most Anticipated Cars of 2021 for Those in Auto Sales School

The global pandemic might have put a halt to the massive auto shows car manufacturers have traditionally used as the standard for announcing exciting new concepts and releases—but it hasn’t stopped the anticipation for the range of cars being announced through alternate means, like webcasts and other virtual platforms. 

So just what is it about a car that gets automotive fans drooling? It’s usually a combination of factors, from an impressive powertrain, advances in technology, or an eye-catching exterior. Anything from the SUV to the minivan to the sports compact sedan has the ability to make the “most anticipated” list annually.  

As electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids, and crossovers continue to launch the automotive industry into a brave new world of technology, it makes sense to focus on some of our newest “models of the future.” Let’s take a sneak peek at four of the 2021 releases that have pros in the automotive world seriously paying attention.

Pros with Automotive Sales Training Might Be Interested in the 2021 Ford F-150 Electric

Ford has committed to investing $11.5 billion in EVs, and hasn’t missed a beat banking on the prospects of electrifying its long-standing best seller. Ford promises a fully electric battery-powered F-150, as well as a hybrid version of its outrageously popular full-sized truck.

Leading up the hotly anticipated release, Ford has had its hands full educating customers on the benefits of electric battery power. To that end, some pretty clever marketing will be in the works leading up to its Ford F-150 EV release. If Ford succeeds in persuading buyers, the carmaker has the opportunity to corner some serious market share, with the F-150 representing the first EV release in the truck segment since EVs first started more than a decade ago.

2021 Audi e-tron GT

Electric vehicles have been shaking up the automotive industry for some time now, and 2021 promises some fantastic contenders from auto manufacturers looking to tear a hefty strip out of Tesla’s profits.

One of the EVs causing the most excitement has to be the four-door Audi e-tron GT coupe, receiving rave reviews on its commanding, beefy low-slung exterior that’s garnered comparisons to the car maker’s beloved TT model. The Quattro all-wheel drive e-tron GT’s powertrain is causing just as much buzz, with a motor at each axle kicking out 582 hp and 612 pound-feet of torque, and enough juice in its 800-volt 90-kWh battery to provide an impressive 400-kilometre driving range on the European testing cycle.

It doesn’t disappoint the eco-conscious buyer either, using recycled materials inside the cabin that include carpeting made from refashioned fishing nets!

2021 BMW i4

Another major hitter in the EV category, likely to give Audi’s e-tron GT and the Tesla 3 some serious competition, is the 2021 BMW i4.  

Based on BMW’s most famous model, the 3-series, this first-ever purely electric Gran Coupe from the German manufacturer has an electric motor packing 530 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. Drivers can look forward to a thrilling acceleration of 0 to 62mph in 4.0 seconds, and a top speed of 200 km/h. The juice coming from the 80kWh battery pack provides a 150-kilowatt charging capacity that can offer up to 80% of the vehicle’s driving range in just 35 minutes. 

With a suggested driving range of 599 kilometres from a full battery, BMW also promises to maximize performance with systems tucked away beneath the i4’s oversized twin-grilles, referred to as intelligence panels. Students of auto sales school are likely to be interested in some of the other gear tucked away behind hiding behind those panels, including a variety of sensors for advanced safety features.

2021 Toyota Mirai

Toyota was one of the first carmakers to break ground in hydrogen fuel cell auto technology, and continue to lead the way with this new release. Featuring an upgraded hydrogen fuel cell system and increased hydrogen storage capability, Toyota is promising its 2021 Toyota Mirai to provide a 30% driving range improvement over the 502-kilometre range on its 2019 model.

With a beautiful new look and a quieter drive than drivers got with the first gen model we saw back in 2015, this eye-catching four-door sports sedan from Toyota is bound to catch the interest of anyone with an auto careers background, as well as the car buyer looking for eco-conscious alternatives.

EV and alternative energy car concepts have seriously taken the auto industry by storm, and continues to intrigue year after year through its technological advances—with 2021 looking to be one of the most exciting new release years yet!

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