Alumni Success: Strong Demand for ATC Graduates

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These days, the automotive sector is on the rise. With an increase in automotive sales comes an increase in careers in the automotive world. Everyone from an auto mechanic to a collision repair specialist is seeing an increase in business, and the demand for new, skilled individuals to assume roles in the automotive sector has never been higher. This is especially true in BC, where demand for skilled trade workers in the automotive sector is at an all-time high. This means that graduates from Automotive Training Centre, who come out of their program with expert training and real world skills, are not only in high demand, but are able to step into a rewarding career immediately after graduating!

A Rising Trend

In the next ten years alone in BC, there is expected to be over 12,000 new jobs in the automotive industry, meaning that completing a program at ATC is a sure-fire way to land yourself a stable and rewarding career doing what you love. Because of our hands-on courses and highly specialized curriculum, you’ll learn the real-world skills you need to make a smooth and quick transition from school to the workplace. You’ll have the hands-on experience and intricate knowledge that will make you a standout candidate for work in any automotive career you choose, whether you’ve taken car sales training and want to get into sales or you’ve excelled in your auto mechanic training and want to become a technician.

Rising Trend
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Alumni Success

It’s no secret that our graduates go on to achieve success in their chosen field, and because of their expert instruction and skills development, employers know that they can trust ATC graduates inside and out. Because so many of our graduates have launched successful careers in the automotive industry after training at ATC, we’ve developed a reputation that employers can trust. Watch director Zyg Strecha discuss what sets ATC apart in this video:

Our graduates are always quick to note how they couldn’t have done it without our dedicated instructors and focused curriculum. After alumnus Shaun Way graduated from the Parts and Warehousing program and went on to find a rewarding career in his field, here’s what he had to say about ATC:

“I felt lost when I first came to ATC to begin my program, and I didn’t know what to expect, but as I got further into the program, I really learned a lot of new skills and that helped me build my self-confidence. I feel that I gained useful knowledge from this course, and I think that this training is an important step to beginning a new career. I felt that the practicum (or work experience) was the best part of the course, because it prepares you for the workforce, and gives you an idea of what to expect and what your employer is going to expect of you. I completed my practicum at Barnes Wheaton Harley Davidson in Langley. It was an experience in which I learned many things, such as parts sales and how to look up the parts I needed.”

So if you’re interested in making a foray into the world of automotive careers, Automotive Training Centre will be there to help, every step of the way. Visit our website for more information, and to hear more testimonials from successful graduates!

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