A Look at the All-New 2023 Subaru Solterra for Pros in Auto Careers

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If you’re a car enthusiast, an aspiring mechanic and like terrain driving, then you’re in for a treat. Subaru teamed up with Toyota to bring to you Subaru’s first electric vehicle, the 2023 Subaru Solterra. It’s Subaru’s first attempt at entering the global market for compact all-wheel-drive EVs. 

There’s also some speculation that the Solterra might be coming with a solar panel, because of its catchy name, which is a combination of the Latin words for “sun” and “earth.” Only time will tell if this is true. Read on to learn more about the cool features the 2023 Solterra brings!

An All-Wheel Drive System that Brings Power and Performance

The 2023 Solterra brings you an all-wheel-drive system that is powered by two electric motors which generate a combined 215 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque. The Solterra will be the first of its kind to offer a standard capability, known as “Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive”, that independently regulates the power to each wheel. The Solterra’s horsepower is distributed differently according to its four different drive modes – Eco, Power, Normal, and the X mode – that are used to assist driving on uneven terrains and in slippery conditions. For aspiring mechanics interested in working on cars like the Solterra, ATC Cambridge’s auto mechanic training provides you with the skills and hands-on experience you’ll need to be job-ready.

mechanic school
Mechanics in auto careers will get to work on all-wheel drives like the 2023 Solterra

A Look at the EV Safety Features on the 2023 Solterra for Those in Auto Careers

For the first time, the Solterra offers “EyeSight Driver Assist Technology”. The technology warns drivers about their surroundings, by monitoring traffic and optimizing cruise control. If there’s a sudden emergency, the Solterra is equipped with an automatic pre-collision braking feature that applies full force to bring the car to a complete stop. Subaru also added an Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control that can assist with lane changing, by assisting drivers with steering, braking and throttle control for both long road trips and daily traffic. At ATC Cambridge, you’ll get to work on operating and servicing different brake systems, operating and serving suspension systems and operating and servicing steering systems, which will prepare you to work on cars like the Solterra throughout your auto careers.

Check out this video on the capabilities of the Subaru’s 2023 Solterra: 

Infotainment and Connectivity Brings You Closer to Comfort

The 2023 Solterra brings you closer to comfort with its infotainment and connectivity features. Subaru offers an advanced multimedia system that uses Apple CarPlay and Android Auto platform integration. There’s a 12.3-inch touchscreen for better user visibility and easier control. Some Solterra models even offer wireless charging for smartphones in the centre console to allow passengers to safely use their devices with a hands-free connection. Also, Subaru has provided drivers with the Solterra Connect app, which is downloadable on smartphones. The app allows drivers to unlock and lock doors and start the car remotely with climate control options. 

Interior Design and Comfort

The Subaru 2023 Solterra offers a sleek look to its interior design, with leg and cargo space to go along with it. The steep windshield, side windows, and panoramic sunroof view provide the SUV with a spacious and airy feeling. The texture of the StarTex upholstery and the high quality of the various materials inside, make the Solterra a modern and comfy ride. What’s a car without enough cargo space? The Solterra offers various storage areas, including a large bin under the center console, with up to 30 cubic feet of cargo space when the back seats are folded flat. 

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