The Al-Adiyat and Other “Special Edition” Rolls-Royce Vehicles

Automotive careerAnyone working in an automotive career will know a thing or two about British automaker Rolls-Royce, notable for their small selection of high-end luxury vehicles. These include the ever-popular Phantom, the Ghost and the Wraith. Because of their small line of vehicles, Rolls-Royce can have some fun—both with design and with marketing—by releasing special edition vehicles every few years.  And while Rolls-Royce never strays too far from its signature boxy and bold exterior, here are a few examples of special editions which have brought a new edge to this classic vehicle, including the all-new Al-Adiyat Edition for 2015.

2015 Al-Adiyat Edition

Rolls-Royce has a large market in the US, UK, and Asia-Pacific, but the largest growing market for this vehicle is in the Middle East. The Al-Adiyat is the most recent special edition Rolls-Royce which has been made exclusively for an Arabic market, and is pretty much available only to these buyers.

This vehicle is certainly not one to be overlooked in a crowd, being almost entirely red and white, from outside in. Some have criticized the automotive painting on this Rolls-Royce as a bit too “loud” to fit in with the brand’s look, but still, there’s no doubt these 10 exclusive vehicles will be sold out as soon as they are released.

Here are some great shots of the Al-Adiyat:

2011 Spirit of Ecstasy Centenary Collection

2011 marks 100 years of the Rolls-Royce “Spirit of Ecstasy” lady, which adorns the hood of every Rolls-Royce sent off the assembly line. Although the public is not quite sure who the “Spirit of Ecstasy Lady” is modelled after, many believe it is Eleanor Thornton, a prominent actress in her day and a model for many sculptors.

To celebrate this landmark achievement of auto making, Rolls-Royce released several different limited edition vehicles, under the “Spirit of Ecstasy Centenary Collection” label. Mimicking the hood ornament itself, the Limited Edition Centenary Edition vehicle comes in all-white, with silver accents and a badge which authenticates the vehicle as limited edition version.

Take a look at someone’s very own Spirit of Ecstasy Rolls-Royce:

2013 Celestial Edition

Anyone training to become a mechanic today will be lucky to get their hands on this fascinating and very exclusive Rolls-Royce. The Celestial Edition is a special edition vehicle, encrusted with 446 diamonds especially for the 2013 Dubai Motor Show.

Anyone who has been to a planetarium may feel a bit of nostalgia looking at this purple and blue-hued car. The diamonds and fibre-optic lights on the roof give off the unique feeling of looking at far away stars.

Check out the Celestial Edition here:

2013 Ghawwass Edition

Derived from the Arabian word for “diver”, the Ghawwass Edition is another Rolls-Royce for the Middle Eastern market. This nautical looking design is bright blue on the exterior, which is meant to represent the colour of the Arabian Sea. The blue continues into the interior as an accent, with a sandy colour as the main hue. Each seat is embroidered with a Dhow, a traditional Arabic sailboat.

Take a look at the interior and exterior of this fun looking vehicle here:

Which special edition Rolls-Royce is your favourite? Did we miss any notable ones?

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