3 AI Applications to Watch During Your Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic Career

Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are the bee’s knees in automobile technology. And with the rapidly growing developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support this emerging trend, the possibilities are as endless as they are exciting. 

If you’re interested in a career as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, you should focus on AI and its many applications. And if you want to go a step further to launch your career, our hybrid technology training program comes highly recommended.

This blog discusses three critical applications of AI in the hybrid and EV industries. Read on to discover them. 

Artificial Intelligence in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

The use of AI in hybrid and electric vehicles mainly revolves around designing and manipulating algorithms and datasets to enable advances in automobile technology that would have been humanly impossible. Think of driverless cars, smart grids, and range optimization, and you’ll understand how AI has made transportation safer, faster, and more sustainable. In the following sections, we’ll discuss three important AI applications in the EV industry.

1. Learn About AI and Battery Optimization 

Previously, EV batteries would have to be subjected to Ultra-fast charging systems to fast-track their charging times. However, this fast charging mechanism exerted undue strain on the EV batteries to the point of battery failure. To solve the problem, EV engineers had to test many charging methods (via trial and error) to find the most efficient one—a humanly impossible process, but not so for machines.

Mechanic using a handheld device to check the status of a car’s battery after hybrid and electrical mechanic training
AI and machine learning are making EV batteries more efficient

Thankfully, recent AI developments have sought to solve this problem through machine learning. Only a few charging tests were needed to derive patterns that explained how long a battery would last after its first 100 charging cycles. This is because the machine learning system has accurately determined and predicted how long batteries would last after being fed data from previous tests that cycled to failure. This innovation has led to more effective battery designs for EVs, and it is one to look out for during your hybrid and electrical mechanic training and throughout your career.

2. Range Optimization in Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training

One major criticism of EVs is their seeming inability to cover long distances and the resulting user anxiety during long journeys. But with range optimization systems enabled by AI, this problem can be solved via accurate Range Estimation (RE). 

Machine learning, an AI algorithm, can precisely predict future environmental and driving conditions using data from previous and current conditions. These future predictions can produce more accurate RE, which, in turn, provides for improved EV range optimization, as you’ll discover in our hybrid technology program. This AI simulation (modelling) technology can considerably mitigate EV driver anxiety during long journeys as they can better estimate how long the vehicles will run.

3. Learn About Vehicle Charging Stations 

AI technology is constantly developing to enable the optimal placement of electric vehicle charging stations (EVCs). This is so EV owners can confidently embark on long distances, knowing they can find a charging station before their EV battery life runs out.

Electric charger charges the vehicle, as you’ll learn in hybrid and electrical mechanic training
During your hybrid technology program, you’ll learn about battery efficiency

AI algorithms, including machine learning, track key parameters from vehicle recharging data, travel history, and other environmental (plus geographic) factors to accurately predict charging demand estimation. This application of AI allows for the optimal location of fast-charging stations in high-volume access spots—places where they are needed most. This way, charging station infrastructure providers can find choice spots to site charging stations. 

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