Affordable Muscle Cars on the Market

Affordable Muscle Cars on the Market

There’s something timeless about muscle cars – and the reasons we’re drawn to them: power, high-performance, a little danger, a lot of torque. They’ve come to symbolize the reckless, risk-taking American spirit. They’re loud, they turn heads, and perhaps most important of all: they have soul.

But getting your hands on a classic 1960s muscle car has become next to possible – that is if you’re on any kind of a realistic budget. In recent years, prices for iconic cars like ’69 Chargers, ’70 Chevelles, and ’67 Mustangs have gone through the roof. It’s enough to crush the hopes of any hot-rodder who dreams of burnouts and the rumble of a V8.

But all hope is not lost. We’ve put together a list of 3 muscle cars you can actually get your hands on for under $10,000, and with a few mods and upgrades, you’ll get the look and feel you want without the giant hole in your wallet.

1974–76 Dodge Dart Sport 360

Any car-loving auto mechanic knows that by 1976, the era of high-performance car production in America was coming to an end. But even though the party was drawing to a close, Car and Driver organized a speed test of four cars and a truck: pitted against each other was the Chevy Corvette, Pontiac Firebird, Chevy Silverado, Ford Mustang…and the Dodge Dart Sport 360.  The unlikely Dart came out on top for speed, ahead of the Trans Am and just shy of the Corvette.

According to Car and Driver, with 200 net horsepower from a 360-cubic-inch (5.9 liter) V-8 under its hood and no catalyst clogging its dual exhaust system, the Dart freight-trained to 121.8 mph for C/D. That’s some serious power for its current asking price, which rings in at between $5200 – $8500.

1978-1983 Chevy Malibu

Ok, so we know it’s no Chevelle, but the 1978-1983 Malibu still fulfills those timeless musclecar requirements. The horsepower may be a little low, but these engines have enormous aftermarket suppliers that offer plenty of parts. Hot-rodders with some auto mechanic training should have no trouble building up the Malibu. They really look the part, and will only cost you between $1500 – $5000!

1978-1987 Chevy El Camino

With a few mods and a little imagination, the 1978-1987 Chevy El Camino can have musclecar looks and power. In their original form, they come with an unimpressive 95-170 horsepower – but, that’s what hot rodding is for! The low power is caused by OEM cylinder heads, so if you can’t do the work yourself, enlist an auto technician to install a top end kit instead and boost the horsepower to 300.  And with prices ranging from $3000 – $5000, you can set some cash aside for a few upgrades.

Check out this video for some beautiful shots of classic musclecars with a classic AC/DC soundtrack:

What’s your favourite affordable muscle car?

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