Advances in Automotive Refinishing Resources

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Keeping vehicles looking bright and shiny is one of the most intense tasks that exist in the automotive industry. Depending on weather conditions, types of paint and wear-and-tear, keeping a vehicle looking glossy and glamorous can be a big challenge. Fortunately, there have been some valuable futuristic innovations in the realm of automotive refinishing lately, meaning that it’s not only easier to keep your car looking glorious, but cheaper too.

Automotive Tape

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It used to be that painting your automobile was extremely frustrating due to the inability of most normal tape to stick properly to the vehicle, often resulting in constant readjustment of the tape, and frequent imperfections like accidentally getting paint on the mirrors or windows. However, in recent years, adhesive companies like 3H have started producing exceptional quality automotive painting tape. This high performance masking tape is designed specifically to meet the needs of automotive painting professionals, automotive technicians and various other individuals in automotive careers. It has specially formulated “adhesive transfer resistance,” which makes it exceptionally useful on rubber moldings, around windows and mirrors, and on basically any surface, even ones that traditional tapes aren’t great at sticking to.

Matte Paint

While automotive paint has traditionally been glossy and shiny, there have been advancements in automotive painting that have made matte or “flat” paint a popular option. It used to be that matte finishes looked exceptionally dull or washed out, and didn’t make for a great paint choice; however the development of much better quality matte automotive paint has meant that the style has grown in popularity over the last few years. It gives the car a much more smoky and cloudy look than the traditional shiny and glossy automotive paint, and when used in the right context can be extremely classy and stately.

There are also options in-between for those not ready to take the plunge into full-on matte paint. Half-gloss paints retain a bit of the sheen and lustre of traditional automotive paint without being too shiny or reflective.

Check out this video of matte paint being applied:

UV Curing Paint

A new trend in automotive paint, UV-curing paint is a relatively new form of automotive paint that’s notoriously scratch resistant. It’s mostly used on plastic interior parts, and tests done with it in use on automobiles have show that it’s considerably better at resisting scratches and hiding damage than traditional paint. Best of all, the paint is solvent free, meaning it’s much safer for the environment. The paint cures in an atmosphere with reduced oxygen content at room temperature in only a couple of seconds.

So while it’s easy to assume that there’s nothing more boring than watching paint dry, the reality is that technology is even coming up with ways to make that exciting! These are just some of the great advancements in auto careers and automotive painting, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

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