A Word From Gil Laureano

There’s nothing we like more than hearing from past students. Here are a couple of messages received from recent graduate Gil Laureano, who has taken the time to fill us in on his career progress and let us know what he thought of the Auto Service Specialist program at ATC Surrey. We’re very proud to be a part of Gil’s career story.

Check out Gil had to say instructor Ward MacDougall:

Hi Ward,

I just returned from a successful interview with an International Heavy Equipment company. I applied for a service adviser position at their Richmond facility last Dec 25 and received and invitation for an interview last Jan 23. I did well at the interview and they asked me to prepare for a second meeting sometime first week of February.

The interview process was so familiar and most of the questions that were asked were discussed in many of our sessions with you. You have prepared us well Ward! It was like reliving the interview exercises once again! I was also able to inject my own insights especially when I was asked about handling objections. I told them the story of the swan and they loved the connection I made to the situation. Apparently, the sales manager and service manager never heard about the swan story until now. I believe that story will circulate in that office regardless I make it or not.

I hope I will get a job offer from this company. Nothing is guaranteed in this world but the training you provided us and the tips you shared with us make the possibility of an offer possible. Thank you once again!

Will keep you posted on the developments. Regards!

Gil Laureano

Hi Ward!

Sorry for the delay in my update. I got caught up in the cycle called life and had to pull myself out of it to catch up with my correspondence.

I am currently working with the same outfit I was employed in when I enrolled for the Service Adviser course. I did find the course very relevant and helpful in my work. I feel more confident now and our customers always look for me whenever they have any issues on their vehicles.

Talking about dealerships, I submitted my resume to most of the automotive dealerships here in Richmond. I made a good impression on the service manager of a local Volvo dealership and I hope to receive and invitation for an interview early next year. I took your advice and applied to some trucking companies based mostly in Surrey. You were right when you mentioned that the trucking industry is growing as fast as the automotive and personal vehicle industry and they also offer comparable compensation. I also have a pending application to an outboard – marine engine distributor based in Vancouver. I now realized that the Service Adviser job is not only limited to the automotive industry. Thank you for widening our options.

I could not thank you enough Ward for sharing your time and expertise with us. I have to admit I did not learn a lot from you… I LEARNED A WHOLE LOT!! What you taught us is more than the industry standard… you opened our eyes to the almost forgotten values and wisdom of our ancestors. You made us believe again in prioritizing human values such as Honesty, Fairness and Consistency over that of material gain. Thank you and I salute you on your dedication and passion on your work!

By the way, the “Most Likely to be a Service Manager” Certificate you gave me is displayed prominently in my home. That way I will always be reminded of what I can be and the person who shared his passion for me to aim for this goal. As I chart my course in this life, I will always aim for the heavens. Even if I miss I will still be among the stars!

A very Merry Christmas to you Ward and your loved ones!

Your grateful friend and student,

Gil Laureano

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