A Look at the Booming EV Market in China for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanics 

In recent years, automakers have revved up their production of hybrid and electric vehicles. While sales are higher than ever, reception among European and North American consumers is still relatively lukewarm. According to a survey by Continental, only 50% of Americans say that they can see themselves driving an EV in the near future. Some concerns among reluctant buyers are fueled by price and the availability of charging stations. 

In China, however, buyers are far more enthusiastic about electric vehicles. So, what’s different about the Chinese EV market? Can we expect the North American market to experience similar growth in the coming years? As an aspiring hybrid and EV mechanic, you might be curious about the answers to those questions. Let’s explore them.

The Chinese EV Market Broke Records in 2021

In 2021, the total plug-in electric car registration in China hit over 3.2 million, which was a 2 million increase from the previous year. This dramatic increase put China at the top of the global EV market with a total share of 53%. And that’s not all! Experts in the field are predicting a record 6 million sales this year. 

So, what factors have contributed to China’s extreme market growth in the EV sector? Can you expect to see similar growth in the North American market after completing your hybrid and electrical mechanic course?

As a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, you can expect to see extreme growth in the market.

What’s Behind China’s EV Success?

There are several reasons why Chinese consumers have been quicker to adopt EVs than drivers in North America and Europe. According to market research, many Chinese consumers have no prior experience with car ownership which eliminates switching costs. In contrast, those in western countries have experience driving combustion engine vehicles which can cause them to resist purchasing an EV.

In addition, electric vehicles generally cost more to buy–though they have been shown to help drivers save money on operation costs. In China, EVs are available at a variety of price points, while prices remain relatively high in North America. China’s EV market also caters to Gen Z and millennial buyers who value the new tech features being implemented in electric vehicles. One model, the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, lends itself to after-purchase customization which is extremely appealing to young buyers. In that way, marketing plays a large role in the success of the Chinese EV market. 

You may notice that the Chinese market excels at targeting the right demographic.

What to Expect from North America as a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic

So, what changes can you expect in the coming years after hybrid and electrical mechanic training? Is it possible for the EV market in North America to experience the same growth as China? While adaptation will take some time, eventually, experts predict an annual growth rate of 20% in Canada which is quite significant. Perhaps the North American market can take some notes from the booming EV market in China. 

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