A Guide to Auto Restoration for Those in Auto Detailing Careers

Are you drawn to the idea of taking an old, rusty car and making it look brand new again? If so, a career in auto detailing might be the right fit for you. As fun and satisfying as it is to restore vehicles, it’s certainly not an easy process and involves a lot of research, planning, time, and capital. Auto restoration is an art and science with many moving parts involved. If you’re curious about the ins and outs of the process, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to auto restoration. Learn what sorts of auto restoration you can do and what factors you should consider before and during restoration.  

What is Auto Restoration? 

Auto restoration involves restoring or repairing a vehicle back to its original working condition whether the vehicle requires major or minor repairs. Full restoration involves taking a vehicle apart completely and replacing each part to get it driving again. The body, mechanics, and interior are all replaced. Refurbishment involves minor or cosmetic repairs. Car enthusiasts will often bring vehicles they hope to restore to a professional mechanic to get assessments on the expected budget of their project and what exactly needs to be done in order to restore the vehicle. As a professional in any of the auto detailing careers, you’ll need to be very familiar with the cost and methodology behind auto restoration in order to provide the correct information to the clients who consult you and make the repairs necessary to bring the vehicle back to life. 

After auto detailing courses, you’ll evaluate, restore, and repair vehicles for your clients to make their cars shiny and new.

Before Beginning the Process

Before any repairs are made, a thorough evaluation is needed. Likely, your clients’ chief concern is how much their project will cost them. Any restoration job you do will begin with an examination of the vehicle and taking extensive records of its condition. From there, with the expertise you’ve gained from auto detailing training, you’ll be able to make an assessment of the budget and necessary repairs before making suggestions to guide your client’s plans. When a budget is outlined and a plan has been created, you can get to the fun part! 

What do Auto Restoration Experts do After Auto Detailing Training 

If auto restoration still sounds like a great fit for you so far, you’re in luck. This field is very lucrative as it involves taking older or damaged vehicles and turning them into highly valuable and sought-after recreational vehicles. As an auto detailing expert, you will be evaluating, preparing, and restoring vehicles according to your client’s needs from simply giving a car a new coat of paint to completely replacing all the mechanical parts. 

Get auto detailing training to begin your career in auto restoration.

If you’re wondering what it will take to start your career in auto detailing and restoration, we have all the support you’ll need to get started. Our auto detailing program will give you a thorough introduction to professional automotive detailing, exterior and interior detailing, used vehicle reconditioning, paint surface reconditioning, a hands-on introduction to the auto detailing workplace, and more.  

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