A Glimpse of the Future With the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ for Those Contemplating Automotive School

As the car industry continues to head towards an electric vehicle world, auto mechanics must adjust and find ways to keep up with the trends. With electric vehicles, a lot of auto mechanic jobs will change, as EVs don’t have the same construct as regular fuel cars so mechanics will need to learn about their unique components. 

The new Cadillac LYRIQ SUV has a unique style and look, offering a mix between a hatchback and a sport utility vehicle. Want to learn more about the 2023 LYRIQ? Keep reading to discover its other impressive features.

Learn About All-Wheel-Drive in Automotive Training 

An all-wheel-drive vehicle is one with a powertrain that provides power to all four wheels simultaneously, as opposed to just the front or back wheels. The main difference between all-wheel-drive in electric and gas-powered cars is that the wheels are connected to the drivetrain mechanically, while in EVs the wheels are connected electronically. 

For 2023, Cadillac is offering a strong all-wheel-drive SUV: the LYRIQ. Auto enthusiasts will be pleased with the look and size of the wheels on this car, with the only option being 22-inches. The car’s all-wheel-drive model delivers an impressive 500 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque.

Since Cadillac has been trying to make a comeback in the car industry, the LYRIQ is a great start!  When studying at an automotive school, you may find out about the different features of EVs and how to install all-wheel drives on these models. 

auto mechanic training
Students in an auto mechanic school should know about all-wheel-drive

Check Out the Super Cruise on the 2023 LYRIQ

Drivers are slowly doing less and less while driving. For a long ride, especially highway driving, they tend to take advantage of the cruise component of their car. Now on the 2023 LYRIQ, there’s the Super Cruise. It is the first accurate hands-free driver assistance technology that allows automatic lane change. The Super Cruise can automatically activate the turn signal and steer to perform a single lane change. Drivers won’t need to press the gas pedal, and they won’t even need to hold the steering wheel when changing lanes! Those in auto mechanic training should watch out for these new technologies as new EVs come out with all the special features.

auto mechanic school
EVs like the 2023 LYRIQ are introducing new automated features

Allow Clients to Enjoy a Peaceful Drive

Are your customers looking for some quiet time while driving? The 2023 LYRIQ will have a new Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology to provide the ultimate driving experience. Cadillac has been working on a noise cancellation system for some time, and the LYRIQ was the chosen car for its debut. 

The system uses accelerometers and microphones to target the frequency range of tire noise, creating a quieter in-cabin experience. ANC is a system that uses microphones to pick up specific sounds and their frequencies. It then creates opposite sound waves to cancel out that unwanted noise. Drivers can then have a more enjoyable ride without the sound of their engine, tires, and the wind. As more and more people are looking for a better driving experience, mechanics should pay attention to these features so they can advise customers on the right vehicle for them. 

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