A Day in the Life of an Auto Body Technician Working in Fleet Maintenance

As a future auto body technician, there will be many environments, settings and career opportunities within which you can apply your wide range of skills. If you’re in the process of exploring your options, it’s worth considering a career in the fleet maintenance field. Fleet maintenance is the process of maintaining fleets of vehicles owned by businesses, corporations or other large organizations such as public transit or government services. Types of fleets might include car rental fleets, delivery vehicles, taxis, postal services, vehicles for police departments and much more. Professionals working in fleet maintenance ensure that the vehicles within the fleet remain safe and reliable for use, keeping them in good working condition in order to enhance their longevity. 

In the fleet maintenance industry, auto body technicians work to develop and adhere to a preventative maintenance program, while performing various repairs and services. If you want to learn more about working in fleet maintenance as an auto body technician, discover more about what a day in the life of a professional in this career path looks like below.

The Busy Life of an Auto Body Technician in Fleet Maintenance

From the moment you begin work to the moment you leave, you’ll likely have a busy schedule as an auto body technician working in fleet maintenance. You may start your day by getting together with your team and planning for the day, planning out any repairs or exterior and interior maintenance services which need to be completed by the end of the day. You’ll then conduct inspections of fleet vehicles, perform repairs and refinishing on vehicle body parts, repaint exterior surfaces and ensure that damaged vehicles are ready for use once more. While the services you perform throughout the day might vary, the work you do will always be related to improving the condition of the vehicles in the fleet. 

auto body technicians
As an auto body technician working in fleet maintenance, you’ll have a variety of duties

Communicate with Others During your Day at Work

As someone working in fleet maintenance, you will not only be working on refinishing vehicles, but you’ll also be handling the requests of fleet managers and coordinating demand for fleet vehicles. After your auto body training and apprenticeship, you’ll gain strong communication skills and gain confidence with greater experience in the field. The communication duties you’ll be required to perform while working in fleet maintenance include collaborating with coworkers, management, mechanics, vendors, customers, other department staff and the general public to prepare written work orders, data sheets, repair estimates and reports. 

team work in fleet maintenance
While working in fleet maintenance, you’ll communicate with many different stakeholders

Restore and Repair Damaged Vehicles

Within large fleets of vehicles, cosmetic and body damage due to minor accidents and fender benders is not uncommon. As an auto body technician in fleet maintenance, you’ll be responsible for handling damaged fleet vehicles and repairing them in order to get them back into operation as quickly as possible. You will replace damaged body parts, including bumpers, fenders, hoods and trim. You will also be expected to realign car frames and repair structural damage, pound out or patch dents and other minor body damage, in addition to fitting and welding replacement parts into place. The work you do will promote the longevity of the fleet, and ensure that vehicles are available for use when they are needed.

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