A Day in the Life of a Mobile Auto Detailing Professional

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a shift in the behaviours of consumers around the world. More and more people are working remotely and spending more time than ever before at home. Thus we’ve seen a huge rise in businesses opting to offer home delivery services, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and even pet grooming shops. It’s no surprise then that this trend would carry over to the automotive industry, initiating the rise and popularity of mobile auto detailing – where auto detailing services are brought quite literally straight to a client’s driveway.

Interested in learning about this career path, which you’ll be equipped to pursue after your auto detailing training? Read on to learn more about what the job is like.

The Role of A Mobile Auto Detailing Professional

Mobile auto detailing will have you travelling to a client’s location to provide them with car detailing services onsite. If you choose to work independently, you may work out of a service van and perform your detailing services in a client’s garage or driveway, for example.

A big part of professional automotive detailing is taking care of all the bumps, scrapes, and blemishes a car gets as it drives around. These are often minor blemishes, but over time, they can start to add up and cause more severe issues to the car. 

Once a pre-detailing inspection has been conducted, you will wash the vehicle and dry it to avoid scratches and smudges. Then, you may perform a clay bar treatment to remove any remaining contaminants before the car is wiped with a microfibre cloth. The paint is finished off with a final polish before moving on to the interior of the vehicle.

To detail a vehicle’s interior, you will first need to vacuum and apply a UV protectant to the dashboard to avoid cracking from UV rays. Then, you’ll move to the fabrics to clean the upholstery, mats, and carpets. Using different shampoos compatible with the material you are cleaning.

With all that completed, the car should be ready for its pre-delivery inspection, which could take anywhere from one to two hours to finish. 

Now it’s time to bring the client out to see their new, beautifully detailed car. 

Mobile auto detailing professionals are equipped with the skills needed to detail-on-the-go.

Gain the Skills You Need Through Auto Detailing Training

Your time at ATC Toronto will show you how to get a vehicle ready for a client or a showroom. During your training, you’ll gain the hands-on experience you need to thrive, with the vast majority of your time being spent in a shop, gaining real-world experience right away. Our students learn the essentials of detailing cars through courses on exterior preparation and interior reconditioning, vehicle paint surface repair and reconditioning, workplace introduction, and more. You’ll also be taught by experienced industry professionals, which will give you a leg up once you begin your career.

Working Effectively With Your Team and Clients

The job isn’t just auto detailing, though. If you plan to work as a detailer, you must learn to work with clients and your team members. As a mobile detailing professional, you must learn to interact and communicate with clients, usually at their homes. Making sure, as you do so, that you represent yourself and your company in the most professional manner.

A mobile auto detailing career involves working in a new location daily.

Some mobile detailers only travel to clients’ homes, while others will travel to wherever the client requests them to be. In this case, the same professionalism is still required.

The Benefits of Mobile Auto Detailing

Mobile detailing is an excellent option for the entrepreneur because of the considerably low start-up costs. Another advantage is that by being mobile, you can go wherever the business is instead of trying to pull people into your shop or waiting for business to come to you. In addition, your service truck also doubles as great advertising since you can brand it with your business’s logo and contact information, ensuring you’re seen wherever you go.

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