5 Best Vehicles for a Summer Roadtrip

Summer roadrip

Are you going away this summer? If you are, we can’t blame you, as nothing beats hitting the road and going away on a lovely summer adventure with your friends, family or even by yourself. If you’re currently planning a roadtrip, you should make sure that the vehicle you’re thinking of driving can handle the job. Anyone with auto mechanic training or with an automotive careers will tell you that when it comes to roadtrips, while looking stylish is pleasant, reliability is more important.

Here is our list of the five best vehicles for a summer roadtrip:

Jeep Cherokee

Simply put, the Cherokee is built for the road. The mid-size SUV is comfortable and roomy, giving you plenty of storage space to pack what you need, including fishing, hunting or hiking equipment. The Cherokee is robust and can handle both road and off-road conditions. The 2014 model features cutting-edge technology like a 3D navigation system, a multimedia center equipped with an 8.4 inch touch screen and SiriusXM Satellite radio.

Honda Crosstour

For a highly reliable car with a friendly price point, look no further than the Honda Crosstour. It has plenty of room for a family outing and features a number of functionalities that should come in handy on the road. The car features exceptional handling for a smooth drive and a versatile cargo space that can adjust to your needs. It should also be noted that the car prioritizes safety and features advanced protection in various forms. When an impact occurs, the car’s body structure can disperse frontal energy to lessen the shock of a crash.

Range Rover Evoque

Though virtually any Range Rover could have made this list, we chose the Evoque because it comes fully loaded with an impressive array of roadtrip-ready features. The Evoque is slightly smaller than the other Rovers, making its exterior more sleek-looking. The vehicle is comfortable, easy to drive and modern, and can handle all kinds of road conditions. It also features advanced systems like hill start assist and hill descent control, an electronic parking brake, an anti-lock braking system and much more.

Toyota Sequoia

If you’re looking to bring everything and everyone with you on the road, the Toyota Sequoia is perfect for your needs. Not only does the vehicle feature an incredible amount of storage space, it can also seat up to eight passengers. The Sequoia is built on a robust fully-boxed frame, giving it a macho exterior, and features a rear independent suspension. Lastly, you can expect good visibility with this model, which should make parking easier.


Chevrolet Corvette

If you’re travelling by yourself and just want to wow everyone else on the road, the Chevrolet Corvette is the perfect pick. Not only is the vehicle incredibly fun and pleasant to drive, it’s also robust enough to handle a long trip, meaning you won’t find yourself stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere wishing you had taken more auto mechanic courses. Of course, with only two seats and not much in terms of storage space, the Corvette isn’t ideal for a family outing or a trip that requires a lot of equipment, but that’s the price to pay to travel in style!

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