5 Reasons to Enroll in Dispatch Training!

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There are many factors to weigh up before deciding to pursue a particular career. Is it personally and financially rewarding? How many job opportunities are available in the industry? Is it a job that suits your personality? The transportation industry is full of careers that meet those necessary requirements, and the right skills can be developed at dispatch school.

The transportation industry relies on drivers to deliver goods all over the country, and dispatchers are needed so that driver welfare is maintained and customers are served well. Here are five reasons why transportation operations might be the right career for you.

1. Choose an Industry that’s Enjoying Job Growth

The online retail industry is growing and customers want their goods delivered efficiently. The transportation industry must adapt as a result, and dispatch schools are training students to manage the logistics of this increased demand. This means that more opportunities will appear in the industry, especially as ‘baby boomers’ begin to retire in the coming years. Companies are searching for enthusiastic and skilled young professionals who can make an instant impact in newly created roles, or the vacancies created by retirees.

Demand for transportation of goods continues to grow
Demand for transportation of goods continues to grow

2. Stay Motivated with Plenty of Room for Career Progression

The transportation and dispatching industry is broad with lots of different job types. Professionals can use their experience, organization, and communications skills to move into roles as operations managers, trainers, or recruiters. A top-class training centre will also prepare students for potential careers as log book auditors, fleet maintenance officers, and much more. And when you enter the workplace, many transportation companies encourage employees to up-skill and gain additional expertise. Staying motivated is a challenge in many industries, but dispatchers have plenty of opportunity for career progression.

3. Graduates of Dispatch Courses Find Their Work Very Rewarding

Drivers in the transportation industry have a difficult job as they spend their hours behind the wheel in whatever weather Mother Nature decides to throw up. Dispatchers take great pride in looking after the welfare of their driving colleagues. This is done by making sure that drivers are getting adequate rest periods, and also maintaining the safety and performance of their vehicles. Consider also the joy when a long-awaited delivery arrives at your door. Dispatchers contribute to the happiness of customers by maintaining an efficient transport service.

Dispatchers help to make the lives of drivers much happier
Dispatchers help to make the lives of drivers much happier

4. Become Part of a Far-Reaching Transportation Community

The logistics behind the transportation industry are complex, as vehicles weave their way to every part of the country. Teamwork is essential in producing excellent results for a company, so this is a career best suited to people who thrive when working with others. This could mean regular interactions with dispatchers in other Canadian cities, or even in other countries. This is an exciting international industry and you never know what sort of job opportunities you may come across.

5. Workers Enjoy High Job Satisfaction and Competitive Wages

Those considering completing a dispatch course should note that PayScale has recorded very good job satisfaction ratings from those working in this field. Fleet dispatchers in the trucking and transportation industry are also earning an average of just over $43,000 per year, and that could grow to over $60,000 with a few years experience built up. Despite some preconceptions that this is a male dominated career, PayScale also found that 41 per cent of jobs are currently being filled by women. The transportation industry is full of varied roles for people of all ages and backgrounds, making it a wonderful career choice.

Dispatch training is the perfect place to open up these job opportunities.

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