5 Products Auto Painting Professionals Know Are Bad For Cars

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Professional auto painters work hard to create the ideal finish and sheen on a car. However, once the car leaves the workshop it is up to the owner to care for their car’s paint job and keep it in top shape. So how can customers keep their cars looking good? To start with, there are a few paint-damaging products they should avoid putting on their cars.

Here’s a look at five products known to cause damage to a car’s paint job, and why you might recommend your clients avoid them throughout your career.

1. Auto Painting Pros Know Not To Use Dish Soap

Auto painting professionals know that in order to maintain a great paint job, it’s important for car owners to regularly wash their cars. However, some car owners may use whatever soap they can find in their house, including dish soap. Dish soap can be extremely abrasive on paint and can actually strip it down with repeat use. That’s why throughout your career you’ll want to recommend that your clients invest in good quality automotive soap when performing routine car washes.

2. Pros With Auto Painting Careers Know Gasoline Is Damaging to Paint

Gasoline is expensive and most people are determined to get as much as possible into their tank. Often this can lead to the tank overfilling, which can cause the gasoline to spill over and drip down the side of the car. Gasoline is extremely potent and the stain it leaves can be difficult to remove after it has been left sitting for a while. To help avoid this problem, auto painting professionals advise their clients to quickly wipe off any gas spills with a microfiber cloth.

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Gasoline can damage the work done by auto painters

3. Pros With Careers In The Auto Industry Know Bug Spray Is Hazardous To Paint

Bug spray is effective because it contains an oily liquid that mosquitoes hate; however, that same ingredient causes serious damage to a car’s coat. Diethyltoluamide, otherwise known as DEET, has a reputation for damaging varnish on wooden tables and even melting plastics. To avoid causing damage to car paint, professionals in auto painting careers can advise their clients not to apply bug spray near their vehicle, as the damage can soak all the way down to the basecoat and require a full sanding and repainting.

4. Auto Painting Pros Know Glass Cleaner Is Bad For Paint

Everyone likes sparkling clear windows. However, glass cleaners like Windex can damage a car’s paint job when they are sprayed on a window and fall onto the car door below. As an auto painting professional, you can advise your clients to spray window cleaner on a cloth while standing away from the car. Then, they can use the cloth to clean windows without worrying about damaging drips and spills.

5. Pros With Auto Painting Careers Know Coffee and Soda Can Cause Damage

Some car owners like to leave their warm mug of coffee or cup of soda on the roof of their car, but as auto painting professionals know, this is a bad idea. Beverages like sodas and coffee are very acidic, and over time drips and spills can cause damage to a car’s paint. As a result, you might want to advise your clients to avoid using their car’s roof as a cup holder.

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