A Look at 5 of the Most Powerful Commercial Trucks for Grads of Dispatch School

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Haulage trucks are very heavy at full capacity, so lots of power is needed to make sure they can reach destinations in a prompt manner. Engine size is an important consideration when managers are deciding on the best trucks for their transportation company. People expect goods to be delivered more quickly than ever before, and sluggish trucks will end up costing a company business.

The top manufacturers acknowledge the wishes of customers by producing vehicles with high power outputs and lots of pulling ability (torque). Sourcing or developing the right engine is a key focus for companies such as International, Western Star, and Volvo, all of which are vying for business in a competitive market. Here are five of the most powerful trucks on the market today, which you might well come across as a dispatcher.

The International Prostar Mixes Power with Comfort

This US based manufacturer creates vehicles with distinctive looks and plenty of power as well. The most powerful engine available for the International Prostar is the 14.9 litre Cummins X15, which produces 600 horsepower and 2,050lb-ft of torque. The company boasts that the engine “combines the brute power needed to haul loads up steep inclines with fuel economy.” That’s a good combination for transportation managers who’ve studied at dispatch school. Drivers will also be pleased with the comfortable sleeper cabin option which includes a wardrobe, refrigerator, and upper bunk!

The Western Star 5700 Seeks to Maximize Power and Fuel Economy

The 5700 certainly grabs attention with its impressive metal grill, which reminds us of the famous Rolls Royce equivalent. Students in dispatcher training are far more impressed, however, by the engine options. The 15.6-litre Detroit DD16 engine is the top-of-the line choice, producing 600 horsepower and over 2,000lb-ft of torque. Western Star says that the combination of engine, axles, and transmission maximizes “power, fuel economy and performance while providing the industry’s best driving experience”. It’s certainly enough power to get transportation drivers from A to B in an efficient manner!

Students in Dispatch School Know the Volvo FH16 Packs an Extra Punch

Volvo is known for producing sensible road cars, but it also proudly boasts one of the most powerful trucks available. The FH16 contains a 750 horsepower, 16-litre D16K engine, the strongest that the Swedish manufacturer has produced. It claims that fuel efficiency performance and strong rear axles make it the perfect option for “hard work and challenging missions”. The transportation industry often takes drivers to interesting, but rugged, terrain and this truck has been developed to perform in those environments.

Scania’s R730 Is the Latest in the Award-Winning R-Series Line

Scania has been a long-time competitor to Volvo in the truck market and it has enjoyed great success since launching the R-Series in 2004. It picked up the gong for International Truck of the Year in 2005 and 2010, and it’s most powerful current offering is the R730. The 16.4-litre V8 engine is a little bigger than that in the Volvo, but it generates slightly less output at 730 horsepower. Scania says this powerful vehicle is well suited to heavy haulage such as timber transportation.

Peterbilt’s Powerful and Luxurious Offering

Moving back stateside, Texas-based company Peterbilt offers its 579 model with a variety of engines including the Cummins X15 also found in the International Prostar. It produces 600 horsepower in the 579, and the manufacturer says that excellent truck aerodynamics help it to boost fuel efficiency too. As well as its impressive engine, the UltraLoft cabin offers lots of exciting features for drivers. Bunk beds will keep two drivers refreshed on long hauls and there is even enough room to fit a 32-inch flat screen television!

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